Lisa Derry, a jewelry designer by profession decided to take her passion for designing exclusive Costume Jewelry a step further by opening her collection for sale to the public.

So far, she had only limited it by selling to friends and references but the response was good so she was encouraged to expand.

Encouraged by her friends, she decided to open an e-commerce store and in no time she had a website up and running with her latest collections on offer.

What’s more, she even managed to sell a few pieces from her website thanks to her robust social media presence. Things went well for the first few months but gradually her website began to see a decline in traffic which ultimately had an effect on her sales.

Lisa, however, got so busy making new pieces that she could not focus on the website’s operation, its issues and the maintenance.

Lisa Derry’s story serves as a case study for many E-Commerce store owners today.

She made a mistake that most E-commerce store owners tend to commit. They think once their e-commerce store is up and running, they are in the game!

Well….far from it. Creating an E-Commerce site is just half the work done. The upkeep is the challenge.

E-Commerce store owners are under constant pressure to display up-to-date, unique and relevant information to create a positive impression in the minds of the online shoppers and eventually convince them to buy.

And let me tell you that this involves a lot of work.

Keeping your E-commerce website up to date and unique with all relevant information is more than just uploading the new products, images etc.

There’s more to E-Commerce product data entry than meets the eye.

The following are the major components of data entry online:-

Product Data – This includes details such product titles, description, availability, shipping information, sizes etc. All these elements complete a product listing on the site.

Optimizing – What are the words that customers use to search for a product online? These words are keywords. Including keywords in titles and descriptions makes your product searchable amongst thousands of others.

Stock Availability – Let’s suppose you are trying to buy a pair of red shoes online, you even happen to like one and want to go ahead and buy it. You order it but the item is taking longer than usual to reach. You raise a complaint only to be told that the product you requested is out of stock! Imagine the frustration! In order to give your customer the best shopping experience online, you have to make sure that the site is up to date with even the smallest detail that would matter to the customers.

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Data Mining – Most customers these days scour the website when trying to buy a particular product. They will buy wherever they get the best deal. Therefore when pricing products it is important to do your market research, know the price your competitors are offering etc.

Categorization – Categorizing the product properly gives a boost to the listing. Having your product listed under the wrong category can hamper your product’s visibility.

You’ve probably realized by now that e-commerce data entry is a cumbersome task that requires not just due diligence but also adequate skill and experience. And that is something most business owners struggle with.

After all, you don’t want to repeat the same mistake as Lisa Derry. Little wonder then that there are so many companies offering these services.

Online data entry is a commonly outsourced task simply because most e-commerce stores do not have the resources in-house and hiring a new resource is a long and tedious process.

Most outsourcing companies that offer e-commerce services have hands-on experience working on many e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Magento, and Shopify.

What Outsourcing E-Commerce Data Entry Services Means for Your Business

Fast and Effective Data Entry Services – Teams in outsourcing companies comprises of skilled e-commerce experts who have the ability to perform all kinds of data entry services quickly and accurately.

Use of latest technologies – E-commerce experts have the necessary ability and qualification to use the latest techniques to optimize your listing to make it searchable for search engines like Amazon and Google. In short, they do everything needed to scale up your conversion rates.

Categorization – With tens and thousands of products, you can be sure that the product is grouped under the right category.

Also, the E-commerce experts take every step to make sure that images are the proper size, clear, cropped and high resolution (they even do the required changes wherever needed)
They make sure that the shipping details are correct and alternative or related products are added to give the customers extra information.

Security and Website Maintenance – Most outsourcing companies have 24/7 support department that takes care of any issues like website load speed, downtime etc. Moreover, they take precaution to make sure that confidential customer data is safe on your site.

Cost-Effective – Most business owners would probably consider hiring an experienced resource in-house. After all, everybody is jittery about handing over the reins to another company just like that. However come to think of it, outsourcing such tasks falls cheaper than hiring a full-time resource.

Hiring a full-time resource on fixed monthly payments and then spending time and effort to train him and supervise him. Add to it the cost of benefits like leaves, infrastructure etc and the amount is significant. Outsourcing companies need no leaves, supervision or other benefits and charge only for the work done.

Outsourcing product data entry and other e-commerce tasks save you much time and money to focus your attention on some core activities like marketing, increasing revenue etc. Choose a reliable outsourcing partner and simply relax as they take over the assigned tasks smoothly and efficiently.

Anupam Rajey is a seasoned marketer and sales expert. He is the CEO of Acelerar Tech, a leading KPO that offers virtual assistants for social media, Internet research, email & chat support, and more.

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