I will be producing another series over the next week or so which will look at how to optimise the different types of landing pages out there for Click Through Landing Page Exampleadvertisers of pay per click advertising to use. A landing page’s main objective is to produce conversions from PPC traffic. What a conversion can be for advertisers will vary though: depending what they are trying to advertise and sell. With this in mind, here is the first article on the series of optimising landing pages which will look at how you can optimise and improve your click through landing page.


What is a Click Through Page?

Before we can start optimising a click through landing page, we need to though what it is first. A click through landing page is a web page that PPC traffic will land on which will have the main objective of getting a click. This makes a click through page more like the ‘middle man’ to another landing page. The idea is to get the traffic even more enticed, motivated and hooked on the contents of the click through page so the chances of a conversion from web users increase. A click through page is the most used form of landing page for PPC campaigns mostly due to the high conversion rate and CTR they gain.


So, how do we optimise a click through landing page?


Remember what the Conversion is

Above all, you need to remember that the sole purpose of a click through landing page is to get the web user to click on a button of some sort to take them to another purpose built landing page. For this reason, here are a few examples of the types of buttons you should expect your PPC traffic to click on if they are going to land on a click through landing page:

  • Learn more.
  • Buy it now.
  • Sign up now.
  • Find out more.

This makes clear that a click through landing page has a button that includes a call to action. This is very important to have on a click through landing page.


Don’t Overload with Content

The number one problem with click through pages that are designed badly is that the advertiser put far too much information onto the page that it gives the web user no real incentive to click forward onto the next landing page. Here is a step by step instruction of how a click through landing page with a ‘Learn more’ call to action works:

  • The web user lands on a click through landing page from a PPC advert.
  • The web user reads a few bullet points (or a short paragraph) on the click through landing page that gives him/her some basic information.
  • The web user wants to know more information so clicks on the ‘Learn more’ button.
  • S/he lands onto another landing page which contains much more in depth information for the web user which also contains a different type of conversion (not a click).


The click through landing page is not designed to have lots of information. It’s purpose is to gain a click and it will be far more difficult to make a web user click on a button on the page if they have read all the information they need that is already on the click through landing page. For this reason, make sure to leave your PPC traffic wanting to know more. This is the best way to click through on a click through landing page.

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