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After looking at both the browsers and the shoppers, it is time to now look at the last segmentation traffic which is the buyers. What Optimising PPC For 'The Buyers'we found out about the shoppers was that they are a great segmentation of traffic to target because they know what they want but they do not know what type of what they want to buy yet (washy but you get the idea)! This is where PPC will work wonders in enticing the web user to buying your product/service over competitors. In this article, I will be looking at the last segmentation of traffic advertisers can target in PPC: the buyers.



The Buyer

Who are they? – After shopping around, the next evolutionary step is to decide on the exact product s/he wants to buy. As a buyer, they know exactly what they want to buy and so they will want to purchase it for the cheapest price. They cannot be persuaded easily or at all to changing their mind on the product: they know what to buy and aim to get it as cheap as possible.

Conversion rate? – Depends on your pricing. Since buyers are extremely price sensitive, the main reason they will exit a landing page (if ever they click on your advert) is because of your pricing. Therefore, if you want to target buyers, you don’t need to entice them over with the features and benefits of your product/service. You need to display a clear price sensitive approach to PPC through displaying figures (and low figures) in both your advert and landing page.

How can you take advantage of them? – There are not many buyers on the internet as compared to shoppers and browsers. However, if you can win every single buyer to buying the product on your website rather than others, you will be making a tidy amount of money. Remember that even if you have to lower your profit margin to get the conversion, getting many sales at a low profit margin can sometimes make more money than selling less at a higher profit margin.


Shoppers will tend to have the longest search phrases on the internet because they know specifically what they want such as ‘alfa romeo mito veloce 1.3jtdm red cheap’. When it comes to the landing page, they will only need the slightest of nudges to get them to convert so including things such as free delivery, discounts and other ways of saving money will work wonders in getting them to convert for you.


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