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The most successful campaigns in pay per click advertising are those that address the needs of the customers the most. This is Optimising PPC For 'The Browsers'because a PPC campaign can be seen to be like a service to the web user. For this reason, it is important that advertisers understand that, at their most simplistic, there will only ever be three types of traffic you could target through PPC. Yes, just three. From knowing these three, it is then possible to help customize your campaign just that bit better to suit the needs of the traffic you are targeting which will help to make your campaign that bit more successful. These three types of traffic are the browsers, the shoppers and the buyers.


This will be broke down into three articles: one on browsers, shoppers and buyers. In this article, I will be looking at the browser.



The Browser

Who are they? – A browser is somebody who is trying to gather information about something but are unsure what to look for. For this reason, you usually find the search phrases browsers use are very short and vague which will result in potentially a higher CPC and cost of your campaign.

Conversion rate? – Low. This is because they are not ready to buy anything yet or commit to something. They want to gather up as much information as possible and then make a decision (which is why they tend to go towards organic results more than PPC search results). This makes it clear that browsers are not the best for PPC.

How can you take advantage of them? – Try and use a lead capture page to get some of their details. Yes, they may not be willing to make a decision yet. But, if you keep hold onto them and email market them days/weeks later, they might be at the point of converting for you later.


The thing you need to remember about a browser is that they are very indecisive, unsure what they want and open to a lot of things. Therefore, they are a segment of the market that advertisers of PPC can potentially win over. However, with this comes the warning that browsers do not convert well in PPC. They are not willing to produce a conversion because they do not know what they want. This is why a lead capture page suits them best (or even directing them to the homepage so they can browse through any area of the website they like).

Targeting browsers is a risk. However, if your campaign is done right, you can profit lots from this segment of traffic.


Optimising PPC For ‘The Shoppers’

Optimising PPC For ‘The Browsers’

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