Looking for a new way to advertise on the Internet? Why not give one of the most trusted and visited sites a try. The big names of the Internet surely can’t fail in people’s advertising and marketing efforts. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. all have a special place in the Internet because they’ve all already made a name for themselves as trusty search engines that gives relevant results every time. This is the main point of an online search engine, to look for relevant and related websites. This is where people usually start looking whenever they need to find something from the Internet.

It’s only natural that these search engines get the most traffic along with the most popular websites around the web today. Take Google for example; since they’re one of the topmost visited websites, they give clients a chance to advertise on their search engines through Google AdWords. Google AdWords are those little ads you see at the side of the website next to the search results whenever you enter a searchable keyword, provided that the ads have tagged on that certain keyword. It works through the Pay per click system or PPC system wherein the website charges the advertisers every time someone clicks the link or ad they’ve posted.

It’s a neat little system actually because the ads get tagged to certain keywords that users potentially search for. The keywords have to be relevant enough of course. If you’re thinking to get started here’s some PPC tips that can help maximize the way you use ads. First in the list is bidding for the keywords. This could possibly be very expensive because every bid has a price. This is why you have to make sure that you get the best possible keyword for your ad. Try bidding for a keyword that’s relevant yet still broad enough for general people to find. Getting the best possible keyword for your advertising campaign is the first essential step. Now it’s time to customize the way your ad appears on Google. Advertisers can actually pick the time of day when their ads would appear.

Let’s say I search for the keyword “booze” at 10am, but the advertiser only set the keyword to appear at 10pm; naturally the keyword “booze” won’t appear anytime in between. This filters out anyone who might not be interested in the ad. It takes money to make ads run, and it would be certainly a waste if no one takes notice of the ads posted. People can also localize the ads they post, allowing it to appear only to a set location of people searching on Google. If Google detects that the user is from a certain location, ads that have availed of the localizing option will be shown to the user with his or her related keyword. It’s really neat because now, people can find what they’re looking for just outside their homes. There are other tricks and tips that you can use but these are the most basic ones, so try them out and find out for yourself which ones are best for you.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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