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Everyone is always talking about Google Adsense… it’s either loved or hated by web site owners. No matter your thoughts on the program, it’s still proven to be one of the most successful advertising platforms of all time. Google serves all of the ads and manages payment, all site owners need to do is place a small line of code on their sites. Sounds like a good deal, right?

There has also been a lot of discussion about whether people actually click on Google Adsense ads any more… according the infographic below, they definitely do!

Here are some summary insights for searches with high commercial intent keyword searches:

*         PPC clicks account 64.6% of the clicks.

*         On average, top 3 Sponsored Listing Ads get 41.1% of the clicks for a high commercial intent keyword search.

*         On average, 19.6% of the clicks go to the Product Listing Ads.

*         PPC results get 85.2% of the above-the-fold pixels, meaning SEO gets just a measly 14.8% above-the-fold pixels.

*         It’s no wonder that on average, the top organic listing gets only 8.9% of the clicks for these queries.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) vs. Organic Search Listings (SEO)
Special thanks to WordStream, provider of a Google Keyword Tool for Search Engine Marketing for creating the infographic above. Be sure to check out the hundreds of other infographics we currently have listed on

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