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Ok guys, we are starting a new month, so I though it would be good for you guys to get a bit of a reminder of some of the things to get done here in the next day or two!  If you want to see your accounts progressing like they should, then lets get to work on getting things out of the way so we can focus on the month.

Expansion, expansion, expansion. For example, go to your accounts and ask for more money to do more stuff.  BIGGER.  Take some of your best ads on the search network, and put them more places where they will do more good!  Anything that you can grow successfully, is going to increase the ROI for your client, and is going to grow the business much more than you may see.

Take another look at your tests, and add where it is appropriate.  If you have finished testing some of your ads, then get some more on the docket.  Take a look at current results, and then improve upon what you are doing

Take a look at your old tests, as well.  Looking at the comparisons on a month to month basis can usually be valuable, especially if your ad campaigns are not changing on a day to day basis.  Typically, this is important to your clients as well, as they will want to look at your results, and see how you are spending their money.

Set some monthly goals for crying out loud.  This should go without saying, as when you set goals then you at least have something that you are currently working for, and have a specific thing that you are trying to achieve for the month.  If this is not clear to you yet, go listen to a motivational speaker.

Lastly, update your honey-do lists.  If there are new things, goals, promotions, maintenance, etc, then make sure that you are getting all of these things done at the first of the month.  It is a pain having them nag at you over and over every month.


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