Exciting news guys and girls!  We have some new updates in Microsoft Adcenter that should make our account management on a daily basis a little bit easier!  Of course, Bing is moving towards a Google-like service and interface, so it will make you much happier as an account manager!  What are these updates, you ask?  Lets find out…

1. Location Extension

In this change, Adcenter allows us to implement our client’s business address and phone number in your search ads.  The number of locations that are allowed to but uploaded to the interface has gone from 50 to 1,000 at the customer level.  This is awesome for those of us with businesses with actual locations, who can get the audiences’ attention by including that information, right in the ad.  Also, if the new ads are opted into the Bing Mobile Network, click to call will be automatically turned on.

2. Browser Update

Adcenter interface is not accessible through Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on both Mac and PC!  Not a whole lot else to say here.

3. Gender/Age Targeting

Bing now has removed the option of targeting based on gender or race.  The insist instead on using bid boosting strategy to ensure your ads are getting to the intended audience.

4. Desktop Update

The biggest change in the Adcenter Desktop is definitely been a more use friendly navigation bar.  Also, there are been changes in the multiple changes features, when now you get to review and edit your headers of, say, keywords before processing them into the system.


These should be some big changes that will help all of us out quite a bit. Enjoy!



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