This is part 5 and the last part of our series about overhauling a new account.  When you take over a PPC account you will need to complete the following:

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The Dimensions Tab is Your Best Friend

Did you know that you can see every searched term that people came to your website through your ads.  You can see the demographics of the users that you are attracting to your website.  You can breakdown pretty much everything in your account though the Dimensions tab.  Are there areas on the site that you can improve on?  Are there areas of the website and PPC account that are performing poorly. Consider this in your restructure efforts and consider breaking campaigns out according to geographical location if you need to. If ad scheduling is already in place, does it make sense? Or does it need to be implemented?

Check Google Analytical

Is everything set up right?  You need to make sure conversion tracking is in place and that it’s working right.  Are your goals in place?  Are you tracking pretty much everything on the site?  You should be tracking everything on the site.  This should include, email submissions, PDF downloads, contact forms, click to calls, and anything else on the site that you can track.

Having your Google Analytics set up correctly is key to your account.  By knowing everything that’s going on with your account it will help you to improve your clients accounts and prove to them everything that you are doing for them.  If you are able to prove that you are getting them calls, emails, contact form submissions, etc it will help them to pay you more money.  More money and a long term customer is the key to living the type of PPC lifestyle you want to be living.

I hope you have enjoyed our 5 part series on how to overhaul and take over an account.  By following these tips it will help you to manage a brand new account and make the best of it.  By overhauling each and every account that you take over you will have full control over the account and know what’s going on at all times!

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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