This is part 4 of our series about overhauling a new account.  When you take over a PPC account you will need to complete the following:

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Automatic and Managed Placement Ads

Most people have automatics placement of ads but if you want to be more competitive and get better results you should check into the managed placements and make sure you are bidding and have this marked.

Review Your Audiences

You need to see what audiences you are targeting.  Are you targeting the right ones and how are they performing?  Are they performing well?  Are they targeted in the right way and to the right people.  You need to check this for your campaign and see if it’s working.

Remarketing Strategy

Are you using a remarketing strategy?  Do you even know what remarketing is?  Remarketing is pretty bad ass.  You put a snippet of code on your website that will track users.  You will put two different pieces of code on your website on pages for your customers and for current customers.  It will distinguish between them and put up relevant ads across the web about your site.  It’s a little bit creepy but we have seen awesome results from this.  By targeting your potential customers and people who have visited your site in the past month it will have ads follow them everywhere ads are served.  This will help you and get you more customers.  You can even target your current customers and put up banner ads across the internet that will show how awesome you and your company are!

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