This is part 3 of our series about overhauling a new account.  When you take over a PPC account you will need to complete the following:

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Separate Display Ads vs Search Ads

You need to make sure that these are separated from each other and in different Campaigns.  By separating these two types of ads it will help you distinguish which one is working better for you.  Most of the time I have found that Search ads work much better because I have more control over the keywords that I’m bidding on.  The Display network generally gets horrible results but the CPM is much lower and the CPC is generally MUCH MUCH lower.

Campaign and AdGroup Structure

You need to make sure that your keywords are organized into tightly themed AdGroups.  I personally never have more then 2-3 keywords per AdGroup.  This may take a while, actually, it’s going to take a really long time to organize this.  But it will help you to know exactly what is going on with your PPC account.  You will also be able to quickly figure out which AdGroups are not converting very well.  You can switch those off very quickly.  Organize the account very well

Separate Trademarked Terms

During and after organizing your account you need to make sure that all your Trademarked terms are in one account.  By doing this you will make sure that these terms are terms that are associated with your account.  By bidding on these terms in your other AdGroups it will skew your results and up your accounts.  By separating them out you will have a much better idea of what is going on in those AdGroups.

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