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This is part 2 of our series about overhauling a new account.  When you take over a PPC account you will need to complete the following:

Part 1

Review Each and Every Ad

When going through a new PPC account that another team has setup and managed you need to go through all their ads.  I would keep two active ads in each AdGroup.  One of these ads should be their ad and one should be a new ad that you have written for the specific AdGroup.  You need to find top performing ad text copy that will allow you to make more money online for your clients.  By finding under-performing ad copy you will be able to pause them.  This will get you better click through rates across your whole account.  It will also lower costs, get you better ad positioning and overall make your account much more healthy.

Separate Mobile vs Computer Campaigns

You should never have mobile phones and computers go to the same landing pages.  This will destroy your account.  Create mobile pages specifically for your pages.  Mobile traffic will convert much easier with mobile only pages if you have them set up.  If you have mobile traffic going to a regular page the traffic will not convert.  They need to go to specific pages that are designed for them.  Try and always have a phone number on that page at the very top.  This will help you get a lot more calls on your products.  The majority of people aren’t going to purchase from their phone.  They will however click on a click to call ad or on a phone number that is on the mobile landing page.

Review Your Settings

Are you ads rotating, how are they being delivered, are they scheduled for every day of the week or just for the weekdays.  I recommend that you separate traffic for weekdays and weekends.  Different Campaigns set up for either of the two.  That’s just me personally.  I like to look at the difference in traffic.  Do they have the right budget, are you spending everything you possibly can or leaving extra money on the table?  Are you geotargeting specific locations in the World?  This is also where you will segment traffic to different devices.  It’s very easy to do and can help your campaigns out a ton.

Part 3

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