When you take on a new account there are several things that you need to look at when you dive into the account. This will be a several part series on how to overhaul the new account. When you overhaul a new account, you need to keep in mind several factors. Over the next couple days, try each and every tip as to help you manage your account better.

You need to do a negative keyword audit over the whole account

This is very important as to help your account. A negative keywords audit is crucial to be able to see what kind of negative keywords there are in the account. If an account isn’t gone through on a daily, weekly, or at least a monthly basis (depending on overall spend) you could be in trouble. Go into the Dimensions tab. Select the “Search Terms” button under View button. This will bring up all the actual terms that people are searching for on Google for each keyword that you are bidding on. Find keywords in there and add them as negatives for the AdGroup of Campaign that you’re bidding on.

Duplicate keyword audit for each and every AdGroup

In each and every one of your AdGroups you need to make sure that you are not bidding on keywords that you are biding on in other AdGroups. You really have to dig into each and every AdGroup and make sure that you don’t have duplicate keywords. Many PPC experts overlook this when they are setting up accounts. It’s something when adding new AdGroups and Campaigns. When you are bidding against yourself you are only costing yourself more and more money. This will cost you a lot in the long run if you aren’t watching this.

Do a Keyword Audit of Each AdGroup in your account

You need to go after each and every keyword in your whole account. By doing this you will know exactly what you are bidding on at all time and know where different keywords are in your account. Knowing everything about your keywords is crucial to the success of your overall account. By doing a keyword audit of each word that you are bidding on it will allow you to know the dirty little details of your account and be able improve everything in your account.

Make sure that when you are going through your account and looking for junk terms. Junk terms are terms that aren’t doing anything for you. Go through the account and find keywords that don’t bring value. I find the best ways to do this is to look through the whole life of your account. Find any keyword that hasn’t converted over the whole life of the account and stop bidding on them. This will help you to eliminate all the crappy terms that you are currently bidding on.

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