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As we all know, pay per click advertising is the best and most used form of online advertising out there. It has its strengths that it can Why You Need To Keep Your PPC Traffic Interestedmould to any campaign from beginners to experts and can bring in relevant to a landing page. After doing countless number of articles which look at how an advertiser can improve a campaign, there is one thing I have missed out. You could create the most amazing campaign in PPC. However, if your traffic is not interested enough in your campaign and becomes bored, they will simply click away going to the next best alternative. For this reason, here are some key ways you can make sure your PPC traffic will maintain an interest in your campaign and its contents. This will make sure your conversion rate stays healthy.


Offer an Incentive

The number one way to get someone interested in something on the internet is to offer them an incentive. A real life example of this is Pepsi who entered traffic into a competition for those that fill in their details onto Pepsi’s lead capture page.

It is a fact that it will be much harder to get PPC traffic to do something you want if they have no reason to do it. For example, people buy products because they want the product. There is always a reason why people do the actions they do. If you find you are not giving your PPC traffic enough of a reason to do the conversion you want them to do, try and offer a little incentive such an entry into a competition to win prizes.



Limit Text on Landing Page

One of the main reasons PPC traffic exit landing pages is because of the first impression the landing page portrays to the PPC traffic. For this reason, always try to limit the amount of text you have on your landing page to the absolute minimum because text, for web users, is tedious to read in large quantities. You can do this effectively through doing the below steps:

  1. Before creating your landing page, bullet point the exact things you want your landing page to include. For example, if you are selling cars on your landing page, you would include on the bullet points list things such as why the web user should buy cars from you.
  2. Organise your bullet point lists into what can be represented as text and what can be represented as an image on your landing page.
  3. Put the content on the landing page as either short snippets of text of as images.


Although it might seen obvious the two above points, you will be surprised at the number of advertisers that don’t do both and then wonder why they are not making a profit from PPC. Of course, if your PPC is a success already and you have a good conversion rate, you won’t have to offer an incentive: the first point is only if your exit rate is high for your landing page.

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