NDemand Affiliates Network

When it comes to choose an affiliate network to work with, it’s important to choose one that has a wide selection of offers and high payouts, but also one that has a great reputation online and has helped a lot of affiliate marketers make a lot of money. That is exactly what you will find with NDemandAffiliates. Search any affiliate network reviews site and you will find rave reviews for NDemand, along with full support from their affiliate team in many affiliate forums and blogs online.

The NDemand Affiliates network currently has a 4.9 / 5  rating from a total of 160+ reviews posted on the AffPaying network review site. Network review sites are quickly become a huge asset to affiliates and affiliate networks for letting everyone know how networks perform based on their tracking methods, payments, offers and support. If you are currently working with NDemand Affiliates, be sure to leave a comment and rating on their site.

Another huge benefit to working with NDemand Affiliates is that they hold an annual conference for affiliates of their network. If you ever needed an excuse to get away, or just wanted to improve your internet marketing game, be sure to check out their last event at the Puerto Rico Meetup, and a post from the CEO, Mike Pacheco on what it takes to run a successful affiliate network.

NDemand Affiliates Offers

There are currently over 450+ different affiliate offers available on the NDemand network. Many of which you will already be familiar with, such as Mate1, FreeScore360, FreeCreditScore, Match.com, CreditReport.com, Quality Health and more. All affiliate offers range in payouts based on their lead generation method and what country they are accepting leads for. Once accepted into the network, it’s best to contact their affiliate managers and see what offers are best for you to run and any increases you may be able to receive with volume.

NDemand Affiliates Payments

Affiliate payments are sent out when an affiliate earned at least $50 in any given month. The payment frequency is on a Net 30 basis, but depending on volume you can receive payments on a bi-weekly or weekly basis. Payments are sent out through check, wire, ACH or Paypal. There is also a bonus referral commission of 5% for any affiliate you refer to their network, who are then accepted and run offers of their own.

NDemand Affiliate Managers and Contact Info

You can follow the main NDemand affiliate network on Twitter at @ndemandafiliate or through their Facebook Fan Page. You can also contact NDemand Affiliates directly at the following phone number and email address: 877-767-3311 ext. 4 or 7 or [email protected].

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