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When it comes to securing a tough to find or pre-registered domain name, there is one site that I always turn to, and that is I first heard about their web site while talking with a domainer at a conference, and I have been addicting to checking the site nearly every day since then. If someone already owns a domain name that you want, NameJet is a service that will seek out expiring domains, or those domains that are no longer up for renewal.

When you first visit the NameJet web site, you will see a “Featured No Reserve Auctions!” area on the site. These are some of the best domain names that are currently up for renewal. To place a bid on any of these domains, simply create a free account, then place the bid amount you would like. At the time of expiration, if any of these domains are picked up by NameJet, they will then go into the auction process.

Another great feature on the site is being able to look up and add any domain names that you would like to monitor, should they ever drop or expire. There are also several mailings that NameJet sends out on a daily basis, highlighting the most active domain listings and 3-5 character domain names up for renewal.

NameJet is a free service to use and you only have to pay if you bid, then win on a domain name. If anyone already owns your personal of business name in the .com format, I would highly recommend setting up a free monitoring account at NameJet to grab the domain name if it ever drops. It sounds unlikely, but I’ve had some major success by using this web site.

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