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When looking at all of the elements of a PPC campaign, it can be considered that the landing page is one of, if notMust Have Features a PPC Landing Page Should Have the, most important aspect to the whole campaign. It is where the conversion takes place that will ultimately make the advertiser profit (or not). For this reason, a large chunk of the overall effort of a PPC campaign should go into creating a good landing page that has been optimized in the right areas. With this in mind, for those that are using here are some of the top features a PPC landing page should have to make it that bit more effective.


#1 Exit Induced Pop Up

Although pop up adverts are completely and utterly notorious, when used correctly, they can serious improve the performance of a page and gain very high click through rates. The problem with most pop up adverts is that the content that fills them is completely irrelevant to the web user causing them to go through a lot of frustration in getting rid of them.

An exit induced pop up uses information such as the time on a website, where the page is scrolled down to and the movement of the cursor to determine when the web user is close to exiting and clicking off the web page – when this happens, a pop up appears enticing the web user to stay on the site. For example, this enticement could be a special discount, an article the web user might be interested in or more information to entice the web user to stay onto the webpage. Either way, exit induced pop ups, for this reason, are extremely effective on PPC landing pages.



#2 A Beautiful Image

No matter what the contents of your landing page are, you can be sure there is always going to be a space to put a large and pleasant looking image into it, be it as a background, the center attraction of the landing page or with content on top of it.

The reason images are used lots on landing pages is simply because an image has the potential to be worth a thousand words when advertising something to a web user. For example, Audi could have had highlighted the main features of their new cars in their PPC campaign. However, by instead using an image will entice the web user further into finding more about Audi and their cars.



#3 Call to Action Button

Although this depends on the type of landing page you have chosen to use, the vast majority of landing pages can still adopt some sort of call to action button to guide the web user to the conversion the advertisers wants. For example, the call to action could send the web user onto another landing page. However, a call to action button could also scroll the current landing page to a section of content on the landing page below the fold to encourage the web user to convert.

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