Last night the MTV Music Video Awards were on and the social networks and search engines were getting lit up with tweets, images, comments, videos and much more. Obviously some moments were more interesting and controversial than others.

Let’s take a quick look at how Google Trends is currently showing the buzz surround the MTV Video Awards.

Right now Miley Cyrus is pretty much taking over the internet after that surprising performance with Robin Thicke!

Google Trends Miley Cyrus

So how can you take advantage of the millions of people who watched the MTV awards, then went online to search for pictures, videos and content?

One site that is always jumping right onto the hottest trends is, which is one of the largest socially active and viral web sites out there.

BuzzFeed Miley Cyrus

If you were to head over to their site you would see a wide range of posts and content catered to the VMA, many of which are based off Miley Cyrus and they are getting some massive social shares!

So what does all of this mean?

More than anything else it’s a perfect example of how businesses and web sites can jump on search and social trends to increase activity on their sites and grow their brands. Just think about the name and branding power Miley Cyrus has. She left the whole world talking (whether good or bad), and it’s all free exposure for her.

Miley Cyrus Twitter

Now’s a good time to note that Miley has over 13 million fans on Twitter… be sure to check her numbers again in a week!

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