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Most people think page views are everything. But this isn’t necessarily true. Conversions are what the e-commerce world should focus on. The conversion process is where targeted traffic meets a relevant offer. To get more conversions, you have to figure out your target audience and the types of discussions they’re having.

What’s the best way to zero in on customers? Watching conversations. Many consumers are active on social media, product review sites, and online forums.

Keeping tabs on these types of engagement and monitoring your audience conversations can give you a leg up on your competitors. While they’re focused on page views, you’re focused on learning what people want and need.

When People Talk, Listen Completely

Observation is key when it comes to monitoring conversations. Tools like Google Alerts, Social Mention, and Talkwalker are easy ways to see what is being said about your brand and its competitors.

You can also use Google Analytics to view custom reports, like best performing content and keywords. Use this data to see where your traffic sources are coming from and the types of blogs and websites where your potential customers like to congregate.

Monitoring audience conversations can also breathe new life into your marketing and advertising endeavors. A lot of businesses struggle with how to describe their products or how to best promote themselves.

But by listening, you can see what types of words people are using to describe products. These could become new brand keywords for your company that make their way into promotional items. Tracking what people are saying can also give you an idea of what types of words and descriptions to stay away from.

These types of insight can help you innovate to stand out from the competition and keep marketing efforts fresh and up-to-date.

Rise Above the Competition

What are some of the biggest benefits of monitoring audience conversations? The first has to do with customer service.

People like to talk. They will especially take to the internet to mention a bad product or a difficult conversation with a seller. A customer service survey from Dimensional Research found 95 percent of respondents told someone else about a bad experience they had. Additionally, those who had a bad interaction were 50 percent more likely to share on social media than those who had a good experience.

Overall, today’s consumers expect fast and accurate customer service. Keeping track of audience conversations lets you see complaints and praises about products as they occur.

Then you can quickly reach out to people who might be looking for extra assistance or take the time to thank someone who has positive comments to share. These types of interactions can also be used to help expand and build your brand.

For example, maybe you’re noticing a lot of customers talking about how your website is hard to navigate. Perhaps they’re finding it difficult to scroll around and click on items, especially if they’re on a mobile phone.

In this situation, monitoring audience conversations lets you solve a big problem. Since many customers think your inadequate website is contributing to a poor shopping experience, you can look through premium web templates and install one that communicates a professional, convenient experience.

Premium templates are effective tools to improve site aesthetics and make web pages more accessible from mobile phones. This type of solution directly solves customer problems, and now you have a better and more attractive website.

Bad or slow customer service can often doom a business. Many companies do a poor job of keeping up with customer comments. Do the opposite and be proactive about keeping track of audience conversations so you can stay engaged and keep encouraging traffic to visit your website.

Overall, monitoring your audience conversations can give you a leg up on your competitors since you can better prepare inventory, project future sales, and understand how your business can offer relevant products to potential customers.

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