So today I’m going to show you about one client that I have been working on a bit over the past year.  The client is a local windshield repair company that’s ranking very well in the mobile arena.  In this post I will break down the mobile PPC targeting for local businesses by showing you how I have setup and maintain a current clients business account.   They are top in the space and continue to grow 200% every year!  PS, I’m not worries about you competing in this arena, I’ll dominate you! HAHAHA.

First thin you need to make sure is that you have your keywords in several different highly targeted AdGroups.  I personally like to label them something like, above “Campaign Name, Location, Targeting (in this case I’ll be targeting mobile PPC).  I like to make sure that I’m not bidding too high on the keywords.  In mobile I don’t feel it’s as important to be #1 all the time as #3 gets a lot of my better clicks.

The second thing you’ll want to do is make sure you’re targeting the “Search Network Only”, I also like to check the “All Features” box in order to let Google work their magic and get your the best search network targeting possible.  Keep in mind if you’re targeting mobile product listing ads this is where you will be able to target that to specifically mobile only!

Next you will select “Google Search Network” when I’m doing these types of mobile PPC campaigns I don’t like to include search partners.  I haven’t had great results with this in any mobile campaign that I have done up to date.  Results for Google Search Partners in the mobile PPC space may improve in the coming years but right now they suck.

Next is where you will select that you only want to serve up ads to mobile devices.  You will see that you can target Desktops, Mobile, and Tablets.  If you want to target the other devices I suggest you separate those into the same AdGroups but mark them as different Targeting at the end of your campaign.  This can mean that you have a ton of AdGroups but it will also help you target better and know what exactly is working.  For Mobile Only campaigns (which I’m covering here) you’ll want to only select “Mobile devices with full browsers”.  Beyond this you can target mobile PPC devices based on “Operating Systems, Devices, and Carriers” but I don’t dig that deep into accounts that won’t be getting that many clicks.  You can do this however.  Has anyone out there had better luck with certain devices?  I would imagine that iOS would do better then Android for some products but I’m not sure.  I haven’t tested that except for LARGE clients (and there haven’t been that big of differences) that I’ve seen.

Did you know that you can target exact locations in Adwords for Mobile PPC targeting?  Yup, you can.  Here is where you would do that, you can target by radius around a zip code or a city in general.  I like doing cities and zip codes for my mobile PPC strategy.  It helps save me time and most of the time there aren’t that many clicks to justify spending time to target much more.  Depending on your business you may want to adjust this!  You can you the “Advanced Search” for very specific places or things you’re trying to target by.

And that’s how I would target a mobile PPC Campaign.  It’s pretty easy.  They key is to very specifically target your mobile campaigns and separate them from your Desktop and Tablet devices as they are very different for ads.  This will help you know exactly which works the best for you.  I really like mobile and have gone crazy with my clients to help their campaigns and businesses improve.  If you’re looking to target mobile devices, follow above and it’ll help you out a ton!

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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