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There is only one thing to say: Merry Christmas and I hope everyone out there is going to have a great day! With it being Christmas Merry Christmas From PPC.organd all, I decided to do a different type of article and sum up the best articles I have done all about Christmas. Hopefully, this will enable advertisers of pay per click advertising to find an article that they will deem useful and read to it to enlighten their knowledge on the topic. Here are the best articles I have done on within the topic of Christmas and the holiday season.


Two Benefits Christmas Brings To PPC

It is important to understand some of the reasons why Christmas is good news to those that use PPC advertising, In this article, I explain two reasons why Christmas is a benefit to PPC being the addition of many technological gifts and the Christmas spending spree.



PPC Christmas Traffic

It is one thing making a campaign for Christmas in PPC and it is another thing truly understand your target market during the period up to Christmas. Here are three characteristics you are likely to find with your target market in the period up to Christmas. From knowing these characteristics you can adapt your campaign to suit it better to your market.



Analysing Christmas PPC Search Adverts

This is a great article in the sense that it analyses the search adverts that appear for the keyword search term, ‘christmas presents’. A wide range of adverts appeared for this above organic search results on Google making it a great article to see what other advertisers have done to take advantage of Christmas traffic. This made it possible to highlight a few elements of a successful PPC Christmas search advert at the end of the article.



Best Landing Pages For a Christmas PPC Campaign

Not only do you need to change your search advert to accommodate the different characteristics of Christmas traffic, you will also need to change your landing page too. In this article, I highlight a few things you may want to add to your campaign and what type of landing page you really do not want to use during the holiday season.



Analyse A Real PPC Campaign Series

Of course, I have many articles from the above series bullet pointed below:

  • Haig Club – Haig Club had a PPC campaign up and running literally a day before Christmas. Why did they do this? This article answers that question as well as looking at how well optimised the search advert and landing page by Haig Club was too.
  • Sainsbury’s – Is it okay to have a YouTube video page as the landing page for PPC? Well, for Sainbury’s it was since their conversion was to get the web user to watch their new Christmas advert based on the truce during World War 1.
  • John Lewis – John Lewis had created a PPC campaign to attract web users wanting to buy a Christmas tree.


That’s it folks! Have a great Christmas everyone!

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