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Below is the promo video for mayor Ed Lee that is enforced by a TON of people.  I really really like this video and this it’s pretty sweet, mostly because it is the most hyper-self aware thing I’ve seen in a while — it’s basically begging to go viral. “Typical endorsements aren’t always effective– It gets really cluttered,” Conway explains, referring to the strategy behind the unique form of endorsement, “This will cut through the clutter.”  I think it appeals to all the people that live here in San Francisco.  It’s what we’re made of.


People Who Endorse Ed Lee (for Mayor of San Francisco)

  • MC Hammer – You all know him, Too legit to quit!
  • Ron Conway – Large Angle Investor
  • Sean Parker – Napster, Facebok, several other companies
  • Hunter Walk – YouTube
  • Marissa Mayor – VP Google
  • Biz Stone – Co-Founder Twitter
  • will.i.am – Black Eyed Peas
  • Willie Brown – Former San Francisco Mayor
  • Ronnie Lott – NFL Hall-of-Famer
  • Jed York – 49ers owner
  • Brian Wilson – Giants heavy hitter


If you ask me, it looks like a pretty good team to go to and that Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, 49ers, and many other large corporations got Ed Lee’s back to make him the Mayor of San Francisco for another 4 years.

Ed Lee campaign slogan is the marvelous “Gets It Done,” is hilarious and not afraid to laugh at himself. Obviously with this video we can all see that he’s got huge supporters with Marissa Mayor and Sean Parker.  “We believe that Ed Lee is very tech friendly and that’s why the tech community is embracing him; he kept Twitter in San Francisco and he abolished the tax on private company stock options,” says Conway.

“His number one platform is to create jobs in San Francisco — namely via tech companies. If we create jobs we solve the economic problem; if the unemployment rate goes down, all the problems associated with it will go down,” he continues.




Too Legit, too legit to quit
(back up singer) Ed Leeeeeee!
Too Legit, too legit to quit
Ed Leeeeeee!

My my my, music hits me so hard,
Newsom left and they put him in charge,
Thank you, for blessing me,
and the rest of the city with Mayor Ed Lee
Got us all sayin’ “Run Lee Run”
Only 5 ft 5, but he gets (bleep) done
So tell them other candidates to find a bus pass,
Unless you ridin with us…FEAR THE MUSTACHE!

Too Legit, too legit to quit
(back up singer) Ed Leeeeeee!
Too Legit, too legit to quit
Ed Leeeeeee!

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