Black Friday has grown in importance in the pre-Christmas eCommerce business calendar during the past few years. Black Friday this year, which comes on November 25, is expected to be the largest yet! For those who are interested, our background of the Black Friday blog traces the origins and future of the phenomenon.

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Google Ads advertisers have a wonderful chance to organize a campaign of activities to go along with this one-day event on Black Friday. It provides a wide range of solutions made to make good use of your digital advertising on Black Friday as well as in the lead-up.

Three primary marketing objectives should be the emphasis of your Black Friday campaign:

  • To bring in new clients
  • To reawaken inactive customers
  • To improve the behavior of your present customers

Here is how you can leverage RLSA, Google Shopping, Google Remarketing, and Google Search through the Display Network to accomplish your objectives.

Ads on Google Search

Make a variety of adverts that showcases what the Black Friday deals will entail in the days leading up to the event. This will create excitement about your promotions, positioning you at the top of online shoppers’ minds on November 25.

Additionally, you have the option of including a countdown to the beginning of Black Friday in your advertisements. Alternatively, make your advertisement countdown the time left for people to make good use of the bargains.

Use the Promotions Ad extension to draw attention to your finest offers.

You can choose “Cyber Monday” and “Black Friday” as the events, and you can add an extra two lines of text with information about your promotion.

You may use your search advertisements on an actual day to inform people about the current specials and you could even provide coupon codes in the adtext!


The Google Display network’s remarketing advertising can be used to promote the deals that will be live that day. To assist in creating buzz, you can create a series of one-day advertisements that serve as a countdown to the actual day and may promote a new offer each day.


Although RLSA advertisements can be used similarly to search ads, attracting visitors that you might not typically be able to afford is the most effective use of RLSA ads. You can place bids on terms that are too expensive for standard keywords by combining the remarketing lists with search advertisements (the foundation of RLSA).

Google Shopping

You may add discounts, freebies, and delivery promotion¬†data to your Product Listing Ads using Google Shopping’s promotions function, just like you can with Search Ads. This may be configured in the Merchant Center, and it will add the details as a link labeled “special offer” to your listing. This link can make your Shopping advertising more appealing and persuade more people to make purchases.

Retailers have Black Friday as a wonderful opportunity to increase sales, and Google Ads are a great way to promote one-day sales events.

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