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Using pay-per-click campaigns can assist with increasing sales through advertisements, but you may be able to enhance these effects for the holiday season. More money is spent by consumers within the last two months of the year, and your business could see an influx of sales should you optimize your strategies. There is great potential for your ads simply by changing a few texts and bid amounts for specific keywords.

Event-based Advertisements Work

Regardless of the time of year, event driven ads work and have done so for decades. It’s the reason you often see “President’s Day” mattress sales even though mattresses have little to do with politics. Instead of the regular advertisements you normally run, focusing on current events can increase your exposure. Ads that are driven by these social events have an increased capability of connecting to the consumer on a more personal level.

Keywords of the Season

Some businesses will include specific keywords within ads that center around the holidays. Words such as “Joy,” “Christmas,” “holiday,” “seasonal” and the like are used to engage the potential customer. Including lines such as, “give a memorable gift this Christmas” can be used to denote importance of memorable gifts. While most PPC platforms are limited in the number of characters allowed, you may need to be creative with accentuating these keywords while still displaying what it is you’re selling. You’ll also need to pay attention to the effect of bidding on certain keywords in your campaigns. You don’t want to spend too much per click, but you’ll want to have your ad displayed as often as possible without overextending the budget.

Discount Codes, Promos and Specials

Do you have plans for promoting sales through various discounts or reduced shipping costs? There are a number of ways you can entice customers to visit your website, but you need to let them know what you’re offering. Simply adding it as an image on your site isn’t going to be enough. Promo codes work especially well in PPC campaigns as you make them part of the ad. While some could offer free shipping on sales over a certain dollar amount, other companies could offer discounted prices and free printing services. The specific promotion that’ll work best for you may be dependent on the kind of business you operate.

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Many of your strategies may already center around what your competition is doing with their own PPC campaigns. You don’t have to copy their ideas, but you may want to try to improve upon them. If you can surpass the competition’s success for showing ads, it’s possible to take sales from them this holiday season.

Basing your advertisements on current events not only promotes optimal conversions, but the keywords themselves could drive additional interest rather than your default text. Optimize the landing pages themselves to reflect the holiday season in order to further engage the visitor. With proper planning, your company may be able to experience an enhanced level of success this holiday season.

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