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When it comes to SEO, everyone has something to say. You either hate it or love it. You base your web sites and business around it, or you completely ignore. No matter your stance on SEO, the bottom line is that web sites need backlinks and quality content to rank in the search results and get people back to their sites.

In the past all you needed was some good articles on your site and a handful of quality backlinks. This might still work now for some sites but with so many different ways to build content and backlinks to your site, you really need to have a good idea of what’s going on and working in SEO right now.

SubmitEdge has been in the SEO game for many years now and they have thousands of clients that have had great success, while also ranking for some amazing search terms themselves. Search for any seo targeted keywords like Complete Link Building, SEO Link Building Service, Submission Service or SEO Directory Submission and you will see their site at the top of the rankings.

Through the use of their site and what’s working in SEO right now, we’ve listed some of the best methods for building backlinks to your sites and ranking higher in the search engines.

Social Bookmarking

Social media conceptOne of the biggest game changers in the world of SEO is the addition of social bookmarking. With over a billion people on Facebook and another few hundred million on other networks like Google+ and Twitter, social sharing is quickly becoming more relevant in how search engines rank sites. Also keep an eye on Google Authorship as they continue to implement Google+ profiles into search results.

Squidoo Lens

Leveraging the power of other high profile and authority sites is an excellent way to build content and mini sites that link back to your site. Sites like Squidoo work very well for this and they actually rank quite well too. One of the problems with creating Squidoo lens is that they take a decent amount of time. This is something that SubmitEdge has specialized in and has gotten very good at over the years.

Forum Link Building

Just like you can utilize the power of high authority and established sites like Squidoo, user forums have been extremely useful in SEO as well. It’s not just about going to a user forum and spamming it with links and profiles, it’s about finding profiles that match your audience and providing valuable content at the same time. The better the comments and value that you bring to the forum, the more people will see your comments and contributions. In addition to everything else, you will receive a link back to your site in your signature profile.

Press Releases

PRWeb Press ReleaseLots of people have used press releases in the past with hopes that the links they embed within the content would help them rank higher in the results. While this used to be true, it simply isn’t the case any more since Google is now devaluing these links. However press releases are not dead and they can still be used to your advantage if you know how to write good ones and have them relate with current news and trends in the world today.

Video Distribution

If you have ever done anything with video you already know how powerful and effective it can be for delivering your message. With YouTube being such a massive source for traffic and owned by Google, it only makes sense that you should be using video to improve your backlinks and SEO for your sites.

How can SubmitEdge Help You Rank Higher?

submitedgeWe’ve only scratched the surface with our live of five methods you should be using to improve your on-site and off-site SEO efforts. SubmitEdge actually specializes in all of these practices and many others. If you would like help with ranking your sites and improving your SEO plan, be sure to contact them through their site and tell them I sent you!

SubmitEdge is also offering a bulk discount of 25% on $300 deposit and 35% on $1000 deposit, which means you can get $1000 worth of services for just $650, which works out to a pretty sweet deal!

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