So Many Options In Pay Per Click, But Keep A Close Eye On ROI, by Brian Newmark

I’m often contacted by companies who want immediate results.  There is no question that Pay Per Click is the fastest way to start driving targeted traffic to any website.   While I have no hesitation in saying that, I can also state unequivocally that Pay Per Click may be the most expensive way to start driving traffic.  So my feeling is, if the budget exists, run with PPC, at very least utilize PPC while you are getting other marketing strategies off the ground.

Pay Per Click is costly and unfortunately frequently it is wrongly executed causing the company to lose money on each click. This is why I beg people to spend a bit of extra money up front to have a professional manage their PPC campaign.  Mistakes in PPC can be extremely costly.  In this article, we will discuss several ways by which PPC can make you money.

PPC for Selling Your Own Products:
Pay per click ads, especially adwords is particularly great when it comes to selling products.  People buy products when they are looking to buy not when they are researching. Thus putting your products in the search engine ranking pages as a featured advertisement via platforms such as adwords is particularly effective in product marketing.

Similarly, PPC can also be used to put advertisement on various related and targeted websites which helps in selling products.

PPC for selling services on subscription:

I have many clients who have paid subscriptions or auto ship products (I am not endorsing these models, just stating the truth).  Without a doubt, these sites are among the most profitable way to earn money online (see affiliates below).  Such subscription based services can be promoted with the help of PPC to gain more lasting customers that keep the subscription running for several months.   This strategy provides recurring revenue which is critical for any business valuation.  Face it, there are two reasons to start a business, a solid income and or an exit.  Have a recurring revenue stream and both are much easier to achieve.

PPC for affiliates

Affiliate marketing is the fastest way to earn money online. It does not require you to have a product or service of your own. You can easily start promoting other’s stuff using Pay Per Click if you can find the right combination of keywords which are effective and affordable.

With demographic information available in PPC, affiliate marketing becomes really targeted. With a very small amount of money you can start a decent affiliate marketing business and make a lot more in return.

PPC for Social Media

With platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, PPC for social traffic has got a whole new meaning. One can easily target people on the social media with PPC ads.

Social platforms such as Facebook already have all the details as people share all their details with facebook. While this is not great for your privacy (if any still exists), it is great for businesses who are looking to maximize return on investment from their Pay Per Click ads. If you search for something on a search engine, the related ads are shown in your facebook account.

With such precise demographic details available on social PPC, targeting your audience becomes so much more accurate.

PPC for Branding

Pay Per Click with banner advertisements are a great way to build one’s own brand. Banner ads with logos and taglines with, preferably a brand building and enhancing image helps a lot in developing a brand. With PPC these banners can be spread all over the internet, it can be featured on targeted websites and blogs, search engine ranking pages and even on social sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Brand building is much easier with Pay Per Click as you can control your budget and experiment with smaller amount and set daily spend caps. Rather than spending a lot of money on ads on a single day and finishing up your budget, you can spread your money over a longer period of time and get more exposure.

PPC for Traffic and Subscriptions

While there is no end of website traffic generation ideas that starts with SEO, various kinds of online marketing, emails, other forms of ads etc. but nothing can match Pay Per Click in targeting and effectiveness. PPC ads can target keywords, location, demographics and much more so that the target goals of subscription can be achieved easily.

PPC for eCommerce

Pay Per Click is used by large ecommerce stores for selling various items from around the world. PPC has a huge coverage and can cater to a huge audience instantly. Large ecommerce stores require diving a huge number of visitors and they need them to turn into customers real fast. PPC helps in this process and is the best solution available for large ecommerce sites.

PPC helps to generate an income cycle by which everyone makes money. But it brings the most profits to the one who does the Pay Per Click ads.

That is the beauty of pay per click, it can make money for the website owners who host your PPC ads but it makes you the most money as you get rewarded for the conversions which are much more profitable than a few clicks that are valued in cents.

The bottom line is there are many options in running a Pay Per Click campaign, but make sure you are watching the numbers to ensure your company is truly profiting from the campaign and as soon as you can drive natural traffic to your site, do so. For more information about content marketing visit my site

by Brian Newmark

Brian Newmark is a content marketing expert with expertise in reputation and brand management. Newmark's has a tremendous portfolio of International Accounts, with a specific focus in the MENA region. Catering to high profile individuals, multi-national businesses, political figures and governments throughout the world Brian is able to both control what shows up on search results as well as public perception. To accomplish these challenging objective, Brian utilizes high profile media outlets, bloggers, third party sites, as well as cutting edge technology for sentiment and moderation. Brian has 20 years experience in the marketing field with more than 10 years in digital marketing. In that time he has run massive Pay Per Click campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, been a thought leader in Reputation Management, and led the way with thought provoking public perception campaigns. Recently, Brian Newmark has shifted his focus to monetization of high traffic websites. There are so many sites which receive high traffic, but the revenue generation is limited to the core business of the site, often overlooking cross marketing opportunities. In 2014 Brian Newmark co-founded Augment Marketing LLC with his long time associate Timothy Boyd. Together they are bringing new thought leadership to the digital marketplace. With an office in Radnor, Pennsylvania and partnerships in Saudi Arabia and India they are able to tackle nearly any marketing project. Visit their website at to learn more. In addition to staying busy in the digital marketing space, Brian is partners in Philadelphia based group of Indian Restaurants operating under the name Tandoor India. This gives Newmark an opportunity to mix his passion for marketing and his love of Indian food. Brian lives in Villanova, Pennsylvania with his wife of 18 years and his two children. In his free time, Brian enjoys travel, automobiles, jogging and time with his family.

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