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It is truly ridiculous the amount of ways you can improve a pay per click advertising campaign. In this article, I will be looking into How Many Keywords Should You Have In An Ad Groupthe quantity of keywords an advertiser has for his/her respective ad group. In PPC, it is usually common for advertisers to want to adopt more keywords for their ad group especially if the market they are advertising too has many crucial keywords the advertiser feels he/she needs to bid for. The truth is that too many keywords will only make it harder for your PPC campaign to run and be cost efficient.


In a nut shell, the norm for the amount of keywords for an ad group is around the 25-30 mark. However, this does not mean you have to get 30 keywords. For example, there are some very niche topics which you may struggle to get 30. For this reason, if you don’t have 25-30 keywords, don’t feel forced to get 30! Think of 25-30 as more of the upper limit of keywords for an ad group. Here are a few reasons why you should not include more than 30 keywords into an ad group in your campaign.



More Keywords Will Drain Your Budget

If you have lots of keywords it will effectively cost your campaign more. 30 keywords each with a CPC of $0.50 will generate $15 in costs per day. Now, if the number of keywords increase, so will the cost if you want every keyword to gain a click.

The problem is that you have many more paths produced by keywords to get your advert out there to the world. This means that your daily budget limit will be reached earlier than expected, which means you will find that your campaign will be capped sooner than expected every single day. If your campaign relies on traffic in the afternoon (for example, people as they come in from home after work), your campaign may not reach this target market if the budget is reached before the afternoon: all because of increased number of keywords for your ad group.



More Work To Maintain Campaign

The more keywords you have in your ad group, the more time and work you will have to put into the campaign to keep it running to the best of its abilities. This is because every keyword needs a bit of research and knowledge that needs to go into it. By this, I mean that every keyword should be there for reasons such as having a low CPC, good quality of contextual traffic and inherits a high CTR/conversion rate. To find out all this information for 30+ keywords will be a challenge which even some of the most committed advertisers will struggle with.

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