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I have always been a long time fan of getting cheap things.  Writing articles can sometimes be hard and I have a lot of lure people in blogs that I promote with PPC.  It’s hard to get content on all of them so I have used JustAFive to get content to them.  JustAFive is a great site to help you find good writers that can write decent content for your site.

Content is key and with the way things are going with Google you should be updating content every couple hours on your site.  You should for sure be updating your site every day with fresh content.  Give just a five a try, you won’t be disappointment.

Another positive reason to this site is to find people that will do things for cheap.  I would give these guys an A+ at being able to do things.  It’s way cheap.  I have found people who do an OK job and other people that do an amazing job.

Give them a try, typically you can find people that have been rated by other users that have done a great job in the past.  It’s a great place to get good blog post, links on other blogs, and find people to help you for $5 to do some menial task that you don’t want to do.

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