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Don’t your website has a mobile version? This is bad, really bad because you are losing your customers. Since the number of users accessing internet via their smart phones are on the rise, a mobile unfriendly website is the worst thing on earth that you would like to possess. Now, designing a mobile friendly website is not that easy task as there are different issues to be taken into account otherwise the whole effort will go in vain. Therefore, to make your life a little simple, here we are going to share some tips that you should be following religiously to make the transactions smoother:  

Kiss: Yes, everyone likes to be kissed and therefore, the KISS theory should be applied while designing and developing the mobile version of your website. All the bells and whistles need to be stripped off because you are not getting enough space to show your creative side. Since the mobile screen is small (still), you should not crowd the pages with unnecessary details and gauzy additions because this may have negative impacts on the users’ experience. Following are the few things that you should not ignore:

Do not stuff the pages with too much content
Break down the content part
The landing pages need to be clutter free and should propose a clear reason why visitors should be exploring other pages of the website.
Important sections of the website need to be accessible by a single click.
Do not forget adding a search option for making it easier for people to navigate easily
Do not trick the readers, rather guide them toward their goals through a clearly defined path.

Simple Scrolling Experience: Pinch and Zoom may be a big hit among a certain section of the mobile users but majority of the mobile users treat this as hassle. Things might turn for the worse, if you ask them to fill out a really complex form with an extended list. You will see a dramatic drop in the number of returning visitors.

The data entry process can be streamlined and made extremely easy by using standard sized scrolling menu bar. And by making the text size a bit larger and by squeezing the content a little bit, you can bring considerable improvement in the readability front. This will also help you make the entire content accessible in one single vertical scroll.

The Call to Action buttons should be made a little bit more prominent and there should be enough gap between two call to action buttons otherwise, people may click on to the wrong option and the whole effort will go wasted. You should not forget the fact that people are going to use their fingers and not the mouse and therefore, it is your humble responsibility to make it as

Size of the Fonts: Do you want to make your visitors squint while trying to reading your website? Definitely, you would not like this. By using bigger and less stylized fonts, you can eliminate the need of zooming in on the screen to be able to figure out what is written. And please use Web safe fonts.

Use the right words: Since you are not allowed to use long sentence and flowery languages, you need to get the work done with fewer words and this is where the power of catchy words coming into being. Come up with powerful and memorable phrases that people will remember. Use powerful titles, awesome slogans, bulleted points, actions buttons and a lot more.

Choose Images carefully: Since in mobile version, you are not getting enough space, you should be very choosy while selecting images. Try those images that can quickly and precisely sum up your message without:

Use those images only that do not add to the distraction
Do not use images that clashes with the existing color combination of the web page
There should be a high level of contrast between the texts and the background otherwise people will struggling reading your post.
And always upload compress images otherwise, it will take too long time to get loaded and this may cause visitors to bounce back.

So, these are the few things that you should be taking into consideration while developing the mobile version of your website. 

Michael Evans is a social media analyst and he is a contributing author to Globalserve.Com.CY that offers Cyprus Offshore services. 

Michael Evans is a passionate blogger and social media enthusiastic. You can connect with him at Google. He often contributes to 3Leaps Content Marketing Agency.

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