Recently, Twitter released an advertising side to their social media network which enables businesses, large or small, to advertise through the Curseur_tweetextremely popular social media network. Now, don’t just stop reading because you think this is an article about how you can make a successful advertising campaign with Twitter because it is not. Promoted tweets are the same as any other tweet with a link: their job is to make sure the Twitter users clicks on the link to the landing page. Therefore, below are the main ways you can make the perfect tweet which will be the most optimised to get the most clicks.


Structure Your Tweet

The main optimisation tip with advertised tweets is to make sure your link is always (and I mean always!) located after text. Never ever let your link be the first part of your tweet because no-one will click on it as they haven’t read yet what the link is about!

For this reason, there are two main ways to structure a tweet with a link:

  • Title -Description – Link – This is similar to the PPC advert and is also good to use on tweets. The point with this structure is that the Twitter user will be attracted to the tweet by the title. The title should describe the basics of what the link is about. The description then expands upon what the title basically said and by this time, the Twitter user should be convincingly happy to click on the link to find out more information about the contents of the tweet.
  • Title – Link – Description – You will have noticed that the title is always first to grab the Twitter user’s attention. By placing the link in the middle almost makes it seem like the link has been prioritised.



Use a URL Shortener

Again, this is a must do. Remembering that you have a limited characters 0f 150 to compose a tweeted link in. For this reason, you need to save characters whenever you can. A URL shortener is good because:

  • It saves characters.
  • It is much smarter than a full URL which tends to look like this ‘…’. You cannot see the full URL when you paste the full URL in Twitter.
  • Some URL shorteners let you change the shortended URL to whatever you want. For example, if the URL shortener was ‘jb.t’ (which I have just made up for the example) and your long URL was shortened down to ‘jb.t/sfijijwfj’, you could change it to something that looks a bit better. If your landing page was about the new iPad Air, you could change the URL to ‘jb.t/iPadAir’.



Include Numbers

Numbers are a necessity with your tweet because they add a sense of professionalism to the tweet which will encourage the Twitter user to click on it – it will seem more appealing to them. For example, a tweet that was ‘Full size Pianos for Sale’ is not as appealing as ‘Full size 88 Key Pianos for sale’.

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