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If you scan through the hundreds of articles I have done on PPC.org, you would have come across a few articles about pay The Main Reason Why PPC Is Better Than Banner Advertisingper click advertising vs banner advertising (or, in particular, ). Of course, I mention some great pointers in these articles highlighting some of the benefits and drawbacks to using each program (with PPC usually winning in the end). The one thing I didn’t mention in these articles, though, was the main reason I believe PPC to be better than banner advertising. 


When it comes to identifying a good online program to use for advertising, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How much will it cost you?
  • How much traffic will you gain from it?
  • How contextual and relevant is the traffic?
  • How successful will it be in promoting what you need to advertise?

Although basic, these are, in essence, the questions advertisers ask themselves before using a new form of advertising.

  • Looking at cost, banner advertising could be cheaper but could also be more expensive if you generate a low CTR.
  • Looking at traffic, well, there are many variables that will affect the amount of traffic you gain

Then we come onto bullet point three, ‘How contextual and relevant is the traffic?’ In the past, I have always said PPC produces more relevant traffic since they use algorithms and use traffic from web users searching for that subject to get you a click onto your advert. The web users have a genuine interest in your advert when they click on it whereas BuySellAds may not depending on the path the web user took to get to the website with your banner advert on it.


The thing I have never mentioned about pay per click advertising gaining relevant traffic is that they can do this through the use of ad extensions. Ad extensions set pay per click advertising way way apart from banner advertising that it makes banner advertising not come even close to a competitor to PPC.

Think about it. You can target the location of your traffic and offer them the address and directions to a location of your choice through PPC, target their interests, offer them more links to click on, offer a phone number if you want them to call you or give them confidence in your advert by having reviews and ratings of your product/service. The list goes on!


Unfortunately, banner advertising is at a place that they need to improve their whole infrastructure to match PPC because at the rate it is going, I cannot see why anyone would choose banner advertising over PPC over than it being potentially cheaper to the advertiser.

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