Link Building Tactics 10 Nov 2011

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Everyone knows that link building is part of building a site.  Building links will help give your site a lot more credibility and help get your site ranked better.  I have found that a more credible website will get more conversions in PPC then a site that is brand new.  People are getting smarter so every good PPC expert should know link building.

Email, you should always contact the marketing director, webmaster, IT person, or owner of the company.  Make sure that you’re always emailing the right person.  You will template an email to everyone, but make sure you put in a few details that relate to that person.  Make sure you let them know where they got their information.  I personally like to talk to each person.  When you send the email you should build a relationship and let them know what you’re doing.  Follow up with them even after getting the link.  Make sure you stay in contact with them for a long time and your link will remain there for a long time.

Negotiation is part of getting your links on their pages.  If they trust your site, they will give you either a review or a guest post or some form of a link.  Negotiate with them to get a link.  Your site should be a resource for them.  All negotiations should help both people out.  Related industries will give you better and more reliant links.

If all you have is cash, you can typically work out some type of advertising deal with site owners.  I would personally send them the html that they should use and tell them what to do.  The majority of people don’t want to do anything and the more you can do to help them will make their life easier and get you the exact link that you want.  Contextual links work the best and can be used in guest post, news posts or ad ops.  You can even place them in the sidebar.  You just need to make sure that you’re getting your link text out of it.  It’s a good way to get quality links from really high sites!

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