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Every PPC expert knows links and link building.  We want our site ranking, loading fast, and having premium content on our sites so that it will attract customers, keep them on our site, and keep them there.  When people trust your site they will convert 100x easier then if they don’t trust your site at all.  Below are some great link building tips for you and your team to build up your site to help your PPC ads convert better.

Scale, every link builder should know how to scale.  You need to know who’s sharing your links, why are they sharing them and how they are going to share more of them in the future.  Affiliates are famous for this sending out their drones and they rank very quick but drop really quick as well.  Changes to the Google algorithm are helping us people who are scaling the right way.  People love good content and will always link to good content.  People linking to sub-domains is amazing.  Using brute force is DEAD.  Make sure from a risk perspective makes it harder for people to check out your links and copy them.

Natural links are the way to do it.  Natural links take a lot of time.  They take relationships to build.  Cloudlight, a Google Chrome and Firefox extension,  is a great way to take out the words and sites that are ranking and what people are using on their site to rank for.  When your site ranks better, people will trust you.  Turn your site into a link magnet.  People will want to link to a content library site.  People share good resources.  Everyone has the ability to share something.  People are finding you and sharing your content on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and every other social networking site out there.

Occurrences is also important.  Make sure that when you get links, that you get them a couple times during different times of the year.  This will show Google that you’re a trusted resource.

Site-links that are though out the site will help your sites out as well.  Blogroll links are always good for this as they are through out the entire site.  Getting inbound links to your site will help mitigate your risk when you are doing PPC.   Not saying this is the case all the time but sites with a lot of links will convert better in PPC then a site without them.  Sites with a lot of links show me that people love to share the content on the site.  When people like your site, they will love what you’re doing.  These people will convert better and help your site out a lot more then a site with no links.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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