You post ads when you want to introduce a new product and increase your sales. This is an effective marketing tool, as it informs your market that you have something new; something that can meet their evolving needs or solve their problem. Newspapers, magazines, and radios aren’t the only venues you can use for your ads. You can post banner ads online to generate more reach and visibility.

A pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign is an effective way to get exposure. Every time someone clicks your ad, you pay the current ‘cost per click.’ The number of people clicking your ad will be higher, because it appears at the top and the first page of the SERPs.

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What Makes a PPC Campaign Successful?

Search marketers generally pointa campaign’s success of to the following:

  • Targeted keywords
  • Informative and catchy
  • Continuous campaign monitoring

Studying the way your target audience search for your goods and services gives you an idea of the keywords they’ll probably use. Combine this with meticulous monitoring, and you will discover other keywords that will lead them to your ad and make them click it.

The right keywords aren’t enough to convert your searchers into customers, though. Keywords might get your ad in front of your target audience, but it’s the landing page that ultimately persuades them to perform a desired action.


Creating a Landing Page

Using your website as the ad’s landing page can turn out a lack of potential leads. It can even increase your bounce rate (percentage of visitors leaving the site) and push down your conversion and ad rank. To prevent this, you’ll need to create a page that will persuade visitors to sign up and subscribe, or buy your product.

There must be a strong message match between your ad and your landing page to let your visitors know they’re on the right page. An ad about a specific product should lead to a page informing visitors about that same product only.

Your landing page must provide short yet concise information about the product you’re featuring. A video is effective at demonstrating the various uses of a certain product. A short description should follow, with the sign-up or shopping cart button placed on a prominent part of the page. Add a persuasive call to action to direct your visitors into signing up or buying your offering.

Here are few more tips that you should be aware of if you are to higher click through rate –

Do not Confuse
You need to make sure that you are not making the visitors confused while encouraging them to follow the next step. Try to keep the number of ‘Click’ to a logical extent because each extra click reduces the possibility of conversion by a massive 10% margin. The rule of thumb is that you need to include data and other stuff on the landing page and then lead the customer to conversion path. But please for God’s sake do not add more than 3 steps in the conversion path because that would be suicidal.

Use of Proper Graphics
I have seen numerous lame landing pages where the texts and the graphics that accompany them do not match at all. I have no idea what a skimpy clad woman is supposed to do in a landing page that is supposed to sell web designing service. So, please use only those graphics that make people think and react. Cleaver use of graphic can go a long to help you more conversion.

Remove Menu
Now this is quite controversial and I am well aware of this. There are some conversion optimizers who strongly believe that menu plays a deconstructive role in the conversion path. The idea is to make people see and concentrate on the service or product that you are advertising on PPC rather than making them confused by adding menu that will contain links to some unrelated products. Now, there is a middle ground thankfully. You can always use – related items in the landing page as it might help people to check out other products that matches their exact requirements.

Add Credibility
Have you ever wondered why people will buy your product or service? Just because you believe that your products are best does not mean that people are going to buy that theory. People need proof and the only way you can make them believe in what you say in the landing page is by showing some testimonials of your previous clients who are all praise for your service. Adding some trusts a seal is certainly another way to add credibility in your website.

Mobile Friendliness
Now, please do not tell me that your website is not mobile friendly. That is still fine if you are not running your PPC campaigns for mobile devices. But since most people have moved onto mobile devices, you are certainly going to lose a vast number of targeted audiences. So, please create a mobile version of your website so that it takes less time to get loaded and also offer an optimal browsing experience.

Hiring an Company

Managing a campaign on your own can turn out more costly than hiring an SEO company. It takes skills and knowledge on the latest search engine standards, and the nose for any upcoming trends, to pull off a successful campaign. Make the process easier by hiring experts in SEO and PPC. They’ll know how to create an effective landing page and bring your business at the forefront.

Only trust experienced and top SEO providers to do this for you. Find the company that can provide the best assistance for your paid advertising needs. Discuss with specialists how they will handle your campaign to see if they can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Michael Evans is a passionate blogger and social media enthusiastic. You can connect with him at Google. He often contributes to 3Leaps Content Marketing Agency.

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