I consider the landing page to be one of the most important aspects to a pay per click advertising campaign since it is the part of What a Landing Page Should Includethe campaign which is where the conversion takes place. I often look at the landing page as the last ‘domino’ to fall in a campaign (with the falling of dominoes resulting in a conversion). If you don’t have a good landing page, you can bet yourself that your conversion rate will fall because of it. For this reason, for advertisers that are a bit unsure about their landing page, here are a few things landing pages should include no matter what type you are using.


Social Media Buttons

The landing page will impact the conversion rate of your campaign. However, if you want to increase the number of conversions you are gaining, you can either increase one of two things: the conversion rate or the traffic to the landing page. An easy way to increase the traffic to your landing page is to include social media buttons onto your landing page. This will result in you getting more contextual traffic since:

  • People on your landing page from PPC traffic will be interested in your landing page.
  • This will encourage them to share the page on their social media sites.
  • This will enable other like-minded people to get access to view your landing page: this time, through social media.
  • Your getting extra contextual traffic for free!



Include Images and Videos

One of the main reasons web users exit a landing page is because they lose interest in the landing page and one of the main reasons web users lose interest in a landing page is because there is too much text on the landing page. Unfortunately, web users are reluctant to read too much information on a landing page especially when the content in text form can be summed up into an image or video.

This makes it clear that whenever content in text form can be summed up into an image or video, do so! Images are good at supplying limited information while if you have a lot of content, you will want to to use a video.



A Range of Font Sizes

This might seem a weird thing to include. However, a website is will look terrible if the text content is all the same font size. For this reason, always make sure the content on your website is of different sizes. As well as being easier to read, it will help you priorities what you want the web user to read first. Having this control will enable you to encourage the web user to read the most important information first which also explains why the terms and conditions are always small whenever you see them.

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