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When it comes to build ad campaigns, it’s all about the keywords. Even when you aren’t focused on search or PPC ad campaigns, targeting the right audience through Facebook Ads is still focused on finding the right keywords and interests that people are looking for.

There are a lot of keyword suggesstion tools around the web, so we’ve taken a few of the top search engines and resource sites and listed their keyword tools below.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Definitely the most used and reliable tools out there for keyword and traffic research. After all, it’s run by Google! With the ability to search for related terms and keywords based on web site urls and categories, it’s a must use tool for any online marketer.

7Search Keyword Tool

Though it’s not one of the major search engines, a select few marketers have been able to master the art of this 3rd tier search engine and it’s traffic. Through the use of their keyword search tool, you can find high end keywords and search terms with a ton of traffic, at lower prices than the major search engines. Can you create a profitable ad campaign on 7Search?

WordStream Keyword Tool

The WordStream keyword suggestion tool is quite powerful and offers more features that Google’s keyword tool, but it’s also not free. Through WordStream you can export 50,000 keywords, while you can only export 800 with Google. Wordstream also offers a lot more information when it comes to long tail and mid tail keywords. Then again… it’s not free like the other keyword research tools out there. Pricing starts at $329 a year.

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

SEO Book has become one of the top sources for online marketers to not only learn what matters in online marketing, but also for using their great selection of tools as well. The keyword research tool on SEO Book is powered by WordTracker and has a nice fast loading text platform that any marketer will appreciate.

There are plenty of useful keyword and search tools out there, so please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions on your favorite tools out there for keyword research.

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