With digital marketing being the revelation of the century,  it is no more news that businesses are becoming more and more inclined to the use of social media. The continuous success of SEO on Long island has further propelled businesses to seek for more trending means by which they can increase their brand visibility, grow their audience, and promote leads through social media.

There is absolutely no disapproving the fact that social media marketing is a big strategy which businesses now look to leverage in order to experience higher ROI. As more businesses move their brands to the social media world, unfortunately people on social media have continued to have less interest or time in staying glued to a particular engagement. Hence, there’s need for you as a business owner to know the key social media trends which you must know for 2018.

Social media trends in the past few years have helped some businesses to increase their marketing strategy. Forbes recalled that in year 2017, there was a major surge in the in the use of Influencer marketing to promote their product and services. The same trend was declared by What Works in Online Marketing Survey, as the second – highest ROI measurement (6.77) among all measured marketing tactics.

Fast forward to 2018, here are some of the key social media trend to follow:

  1. Use of Chatbots:

Recently, the use of chatbots has become one of the biggest social media trend. Many businesses have began to use the technology to further engage their audience. Chatbots are virtual robots designed to respond to your commands. Platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram and websites support the use of chatbot to increase engagement with audience.

You probably wonder why chatbots are trending. It’s not rocket science. Chatbots gives you the advantage of saving money which could have been used to pay multiple employees to help engage your audience. With chatbots, queries can be attended to by your chatbots, thus reducing the cost needed to run the customer care section of your business. Other advantages include; all around clock availability of chatbots, unavailability of fatigue complaint, ability to swiftly attend to customers’ queries.

Compared to previous years, many brands have realized the advantages of chatbots on the likes of Facebook Messenger and Telegram, and have continued to leverage on chatbots to grow and promote their brand identity to thousands and millions of audience.

  1. Live Streaming:

In today’s social media marketing strategy list, Live streaming stands tall has one of the most effective trend which gives brands the opportunity to reach out to a large audience across social media platforms and beyond.

Online surveys have shown that audiences are more generally wired to respond to visual contents than texts. This is why one of the advantages of live streaming is that your target audience are quickly figured out and stimulated to develop interest in your contents and are more likely to convert and continue to be trapped in the web of your contents.

Live streaming has continued to be a big trend amidst brands and businesses which are looking to improve their visibility, grow their number of target audience and subsequently experience positivity in ROI.

  1. Use of Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories for business are a pretty smart choice to make. SA lot of businesses have realized the benefits and are leveraging on Instagram stories to reach even more audience. This popular trend allows your business posts to be available for viewing within the next 24 hours.

One of the advantages of Instagram stories is that businesses can easily engage their target audience, with more tendency that for them to easily convert when rich contents are continuously displaying on the Instagram stories album.

As the popularity of Instagram stories surges, and more increase in Instagram users, more business owners will look into promoting their marketing contents towards their target audience through the use of Instagram stories.

  1. Influencer Marketing:

A report by Entrepreneur claimed that a nearly 100 percent of marketers who employ influencer marketing strategy actually believe it is successful. With influencer marketing, there is a win-win situation for all parties, thus increasing your brand’s visibility without accruing loss. This strategy even gives online marketers who are just getting along with creating awesome contents to their brands the opportunity to serve top notch contents directly from influencers.

Another reason why influencer marketing is trending among brands and business owners is because using the system ensures that targeted audience are readily available, the only thing needed to be done is for a brand to promote or share an influencer’s content. In no time, such brands begin to experience increase in awareness and engagement with targeted audience when influencers begin to share their contents too.

With the ability of adopting Influencer marketing to promote partnership admits small and large businesses, they strategy continues to trend increasingly in 2018.

  1. Use of Social Listening Tools:

Social listening involves the deliberate practice of identifying what people are saying about your business or organization. Social listening tools such as Streamview for Instagram, Reputology, Hootsuite Insight, Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro, etc help to monitor, analyze and produce real-time opportunities for brands to improve their contents for better brand engagement.

This strategy continues to be trendy as business owners are more interested in gathering feedbacks, reactions, and conversations related to their business from people.

In conclusion, these social media trends are extremely in not just helping your business gain more visibility online or grow your audience alone, but they also provide you with the opportunity to serve personalized contents to your target audience which will prompt them to convert.


Rahul Ghundiyal is 4 years experienced person and CEO of RNG SEO. He loves his area of expertise and do work within his limits for helping small and medium businesses to increase traffic. Well Graduated Guy and looks to do good research while writing. He can be found on Linkedin.

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