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No, not again. I cannot bear it anymore. But how come you can avoid the stark reality that your website is lambasted by Google and the very thought of it kills you. So much of hard work, so many hours of honest efforts go wasted and it bleeds you inside. But do not lose you heart at the sight of such thing. The world is not end with it, there are still some hope left to rise against all the odds. Now, if you are clueless how you can face the situation, here is how you can do it. Just go through the post carefully and it will definitely help you see thing in a different light:

Are You Sure It is a Penalty: Being a SEO professional myself for the last 5 years, I have faced numerous website owners, who always thing that Google is hatching some conspiracy against their websites, and their websites may be blocked by Google for some reasons unknown. A drop in traffic does not necessary means, your website is penalized by Google or something of that sort. Do not believe in such conspiracy theory. Rather take a rational approach. Stay clam and steady and try to figure out whether this is a penalty or just a temporary drop in ranking. Wondering how that could be done? Here is how:

Traffic Drop: Traffic drop can be precipitated by a number of reasons. Sometimes, you may see that your website is still ranking high in certain keywords you are targeting but the traffic has taken a nose dive all of a sudden. Now this is not a conundrum. Probably people are no longer searching with those terms and a good to verify that thing is by trying Google Trends or Google keyword research tool.

If you are targeting seasonal keywords, it is quite natural that people will stop searching with those terms at certain point of time. So, do not panic at the sight of seeing a decline in the search volume. There might be other causes behind it. For say, you cannot expect people searching with terms related to your services on 25th December or on the New Year eve. So, do not press the panic button at the very sight of it.

Ranking Drop: If you see that the ranking of your website has taken a beating, then I must say there is room for concern. However, ranking drop should not always be equated with a penalty from Google. If you feel that you have done something wrong like cloaking, hidden links or has participating in some link scheme, you need to come clean and accept all your guilty and send a reconsideration request to Google and I hope that Google will exonerate from all your guilty. I have faced similar situation when I was trying optimized my coupon website for some keywords like Godaddy transfer coupon, Netfirms coupons and thankfully, I manage to recover their positions soon enough.

However, do not jump at the conclusion all of a sudden. Sometimes, the sudden fall in ranking may be caused by devaluation of links. If your backlink profile looks like heavily gamed, you need to check that websites that are also involved in the same shoddy practice are facing the same problem or not. If all websites or a vast majority of them are facing the same problems, I must say that you need to work towards getting natural links via guest posting or by offering some great stuffs like great infographics etc.

If It is Penalty: So, take it this way. It is the link devaluation or of that sort, the hard fact is that your website has been penalized and that is. So, there is no clear way out. Two options:

1. Accept all wrong doing and send a reconsideration request to Google. Now there is no guarantee that Google will show you mercy and will undo the penalty. Nope, this is not the case. However, if you have done the wrong thing for the first time, there are still some chances that ban might be reviewed and revoked partially. But if you are a frequent jailbird, future may be a bit murkier. You may have to wait for days and even years. However, things are different for big brands, Google seems give them some benefit of doubts. However, if it seems that you have done something wrong without being aware of it and there are good reasons to believe you, your website may appear in Google SERP.

2. If your website has done it wrong again and again, I must say that you need to devise a new plan as there is very few chance that your website will appear in search engine result pages. Do one that book a new domain and transfer all the articles and other things to that new domain and start with a new endeavor. Wish you good luck for your next SEO project.

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