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When it comes to creating a new ad campaign of any time, it’s not as easy as just selecting an offer and hoping it works out. A lot of research and time goes into selecting the right offer, then eventually building a successful ad campaign.

Instead of logging into your favorite affiliate network and just randomly grabbing an offer from the wall, be sure to ask yourself some of the following questions before starting a new ad campaign. It’s much better to spend a couple minutes or even hours to pre-research an offer an niche, before throwing money at it and wasting your time on something that just might not have much room for success.

• Does it have the ability to pay a lifetime return i.e. monthly payments or family/friend referrals?
• Is there a significant profit margin to be gained from each lead obtained?
• Are you selling an obscure or hard-to-find product or service?
• Does your business offer a large selection of goods to choose from?
• Does your product or service do better during certain seasons or events?

The questions above were provided from a post called “Is Your Business a Good Fit for PPC“. Be sure to check out the full article and read up on their other advice for researching offers you might be looking to promote, before actually starting your next ppc or ad campaign.


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