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Being in a technology-driven recession, you will see that many companies such as Google and Apple are constantly innovating their products to produce a USP which persuades customers to buy their product and not their competitor’s. This, for Google, saw the introduction of PPC for mobile devices which featured advertising units which were custom made to fit on high end or low end mobile phones. However, since the introduction of other devices such as tablets and the advances within the mobile industry, is the advertising on mobile devices the future for PPC? 


When you think of it, it does seem like it is. More and more people are buying high end smartphones for business and leisure uses. I’m sure you will be able to agree that it is impossible nowadays to not see somebody down the street with a smartphone out. They have become a part of everyone’s life. Therefore, it makes sense that the future in PPC and advertising is in the smartphone section and mobile devices. With 4G connections just coming out for high end smartphones, surely advertiserswill now have the potential to create more demanding adverts that will ultimately achieve greater success.


There are problems with the mobile industry. Facebook and other companies announced that their mobile apps are the hardest to make money from out of all their platforms. The screen size of mobile devices mean that if there are going to be any adverts shown on them, the chances are they are going to take up a lot of the screen and therefore become stereotypically recognisable as spam to the user. With computers, there is a lot of screen space making it easy to implement adverts onto a website. With mobile devices, it is a lot harder to achieve the same results.


As well as this, we saw the introduction of a new diversifying niche market being the tablet market. One of these tablet’s selling points is the fact that you will view the internet the way it should be viewed: the way laptops and computers view it in all its beauty (and not on limited mobile version of the internet). Therefore, how can we say the future of PPC and advertising is in mobile devices when technology has proved that some mobile devices display adverts the same way laptops and computers do? If tablets can produce web pages without having to use limited mobile versions, it won’t be long until other mobile devices do the same decreasing the number of devices that view mobile adverts.


From this, I can safely say that PPC’s future is not in mobile devices. The mobile industry is constantly innovating their products which will ultimately mean that web pages will be viewed the way they should be viewed just like they are on tablets. However, saying this, it is clear that programs such as AdWords and Adsense have compromised this. Even though some mobile devices such as the iPad show the internet in all its glory, the advert units themselves are adapted to show less adverts on them. This is  good for the future of PPC. The more customized for the mobile device the advert is being displayed on, the more successful it will be for both advertisers and publishers.

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