Know how to market, then monetize your audience and fans is key to running a successful fan page and business through Facebook. It’s not enough to just throw up a Facebook fan page and hope for the best. Many companies will go on to creating Facebook Ads campaigns, which then brings in a lot more users, which help the viral process of bringing in new fans.

In the end, no matter what type of product, brand or web site you are promoting through fan pages, it’s important to know what Facebook users do while on Facebook, and also how they user fan pages.

Interesting Facts About Facebook Ads

The following facts are based on a study of 1,491 consumers, aged 18+ on Facebook.

  • Studies have shown that over 51% of those who like a brand are more likely to buy from it.
  • 56% said they are more likely to recommend a brand after becoming a fan on Facebook.
  • 51% of the consumers are more likely to buy after becoming a fan on Facebook.
  • 77% said they interact with a rand on Facebook through reading posts and newsfeeds.
  • 45% spend most of their time on Facebook reading through the newsfeed.
  • 52% of those who go online said they spend at least an hour a week on Facebook.

Successful Facebook campaigns are about getting the details right…

The facts laid out in this Facebook post, was provided by How to Create Killer Facebook Ads Infographic. Please be sure to check it out for a full and visual breakdown of how to create a killer fan page for your business, and get in on the billion users who will soon be on Facebook.


If you love Facebook stats and can’t get enough infographics, be sure to check out The Business of Facebook.

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