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There are many different types of landing pages out there with the infomercial page being just one of them. Depending on the Why a Infomercial Landing Page Will Hinder Performanceobjectives of your PPC campaign will depend on what landing page you choose. For example, if you are trying to sell a product or a service, you most obvious choice would be to use a product/service page whereas if you wanted to gain information about your PPC traffic for, let’s say, market research, you may want to choose a lead capture page instead. What I feel, though, is that the infomercial may not be a good landing page to use in general. Here are some reasons behind this.


Web Users Have a Short Attention Span

Lets recap on what an infomercial page is. An infomercial page is basically a TV advert in the form of a webpage. It works by displaying information about something with the intention of purchasing or doing an action at the end of it: at the end of the web page. To get to the bottom though takes lots and lots of scrolling since there will be lots of information the web user will have to read and scroll through in order to get to the bottom of the web page to perform the action.

This highlights the first problem with infomercials. They are just too long. The internet is wonderful in the sense that there is so much information on it. There are many alternatives if the web user doesn’t like the current web page they are on. If the web page sees an infomercial page that requires lots of reading and scrolling, this will seem like to much effort for what it is worth to the web user. For this reason, it is likely that the web user will exit the page which means you will have paid for traffic to exit your landing page…not good.



It is Associated with Spam

Another problem with an infomercial page is that they are linked to spam. Many ‘too good to be true’ products, eBooks that claim to make $10,000 in a week and so on all adopt infomercial styled landing pages. Therefore, there is a bad image around infomercial pages in general. For example, would you ever see a large company like Apple ever use an infomercial?



Much more Designing Required

To design an infomercial page will require much more time and effort than any other landing page for the simple fact that there is more to design. This means that more time is spent making a landing page that could hinder performance for the above reasons and take up your valuable time which could be spent looking to improve other areas of your PPC campaign.


If you choose to use an infomercial page, double and then treble check that it is the right decision (bearing in mind the points I highlighted above). If you still want to use an infomercial as a landing page, you may want to check out how to optimise it here.

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