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The click through rate in pay per click advertising is one of the fundamental factors which affects a campaign’s success. Even if you have a long term strategy for consistent traffic, having the potential to up your game and increase your CTR overnight as part of a contingency plan may provide you extra success or reduce a deficit on competitors. As well as the advertiser side, publishers of PPC are constantly trying to increase their CTR because that will ultimately increase their earnings. Here are a few ways both publishers and advertisers can increase their CTR in PPC.



I do feel that advertisers take CTR less importantly to their campaigns seeing that there is the easy way and increase their CPC to gain prime location of ad spots on the best websites to get a high CTR. However, these ad spots are sometimes the most often involved with click fraud producing a 20% lower conversion rate than it should. Therefore, what other ways can advertisers increase their CTR without changing their CPC?

  • Create the Perfect PPC Advert – If you are, like the majority of advertisers that use PPC, sticking to text adverts, there are a number of ways you can make that advert gain a higher CTR. One way is to try and include power words in your advert. These are the most powerful words in the English language being ‘You, Money, New, Save, Results, Easy, Health, Safety, Love, Discovery, Proven and Guaranteed’. By getting around 2-3 of these in your text advert will sure enough increase it’s CTR.
  • Choose the Right Keywords – It is clear that if you don’t choose keywords related to your campaign, you won’t get a good CTR or conversion. Therefore, make sure you choose the right keywords. You need to pick keywords not related to what you want to sell but to the type of people you are targeting at. The chances are that what you want them to see they haven’t seen before such as a product or service etc. If you have keywords related to to your product/service which nobody really knows about, the traffic will be low and not contextual providing a low CTR. Make sure your keywords reflect your target market.



With the publisher side, the CTR is taken a lot more seriously seeing that it has a direct impact to how much the publisher makes. Therefore, there are alot of ways publishers can improve their CTR to gain maximum earnings:

  • Increase Your Bounce Rate – A reason you might have a low CTR is because you have a high bounce rate. People are clicking away from your website before clicking on your adverts. If you can keep people from clicking away from your site, there is more chance they will click on your adverts.
  • Placement – Where on your website you place your adverts is crucial to the CTR. From Google’s heat map, the best areas to place adverts is just above the content and in the sidebar (if you have one) on the left hand side.


The click through rate in PPC is an important aspect especially for publishers wanting to earn more from the same amount of impressions. This doesn’t mean that advertisers should just ignore it. A better CTR from an advertiser’s perspective opens up new areas to explore in. If you know you can create a high CTR campaign, you have the potential to react the quickest to changes in trends beating your competitors to the freshest and best traffic.

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