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Ranking at the top of the search results is one of the most sought after goals by all web sites owners and marketers. A decade ago it was much easier to find your site on the first or second page of the search results for many different search terms. As time moves on and the competition continues to grow, so does the frustrations and skill it takes to get a web site ranked at the top of the search engines.

With Google coming out with new algorithm changes and de-listing link building blog networks left and right, it’s now more important than ever to make sure you have the right resources and knowledge to rank at the top of the search results. That is the goal Sheer SEO had in mind when they created their suite that automates many of your SEO efforts. One of the most annoying and tedious tasks of SEO management, is having to keep an eye on all of your rankings and where you can make improvements. Sheer SEO is built to keep all of this information in one convenient location and software package, which also includes improving your rankings and results with social media marketing.

The Main Features of Sheer SEO

As mentioned, Sheer SEO was built to automate and relieve the frustrations of SEO management. Their SEO software suit contains a wide selection of tools that are designed to help you monitor all kinds of SEO metrics and other information. From viewing your indexed pages, checking backlinks and looking at the competition, there are plenty of effective tools and reports for you to choose from.

Having the ability to track your domain names and how many keywords you are ranking for is always a big issue, especially for anyone with a ton of domain names. All of this can be done manually, but it would take a massive amount of time and something you shouldn’t be wasting time on if you are running a business. Fortunately Sheer SEO has built this feature into their software so it can automate the process and keep historical track records to compare your results and progress. Other features and reports include PageRank, estimated potential traffic for keywords and referring urls to your site. Everything can also be imported from your Google Analytics account too.

Added SEO Features and Reports

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of and that are built into the Sheer SEO software suite. Monitoring your social media exposure through mentions on the major social network like Facebook and Twitter is also trackable, along with shares and comments. Keeping track of your indexed pages and what keywords you are ranking for are also two great features of the system.

Many of these features can be pulled up and reported manually, but you can also automate the process as well. You can submit your site to multiple web directories, along with finding relevant web sites and blogs that would help with your inbound linking efforts.

If you ever wanted to run your own SEO management company or services, this software is also your one stop solution for that as well. Sheer SEO offers a (private label) product, showing off the reports and data to your clients as if they were produced under your own brand.

View a Live Demo of Sheer SEO

The best way to get an idea of how Sheer SEO works and the power behind the software is to run a live demo through their site.

You can see a sample screenshot of the software reports above. All of the information and stats are easy to follow, which makes it easy to find the keyword you are looking for, then it’s rankings and any changes since the last report. Using the top tabs (current, history, current competitor and historical competitors), you will be able to quickly browse through your reports and pull up new data to continually improve your ad campaigns and web sites.

How Much Does Sheer SEO Software Suite Cost?

With so many tracking solutions and reports available, you would expect top of the line pricing for Sheer SEO. Fortunately they are offering a two month free trial that lets you monitor a single domain name and 40 keywords. This will allow anyone to use their software and benefit from the solution, without having to pay big bucks like the other competitors in SEO charge.

Should you decide to become a full user of Sheer SEO, there are several pricing plans to choose from. Plans then range from $7/month to $199/month, depending on the number of domains and keywords you’d like to monitor, as well as how much access you want to other features like Excel exports and blog review requests.

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