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Organic traffic is one of, if not, the best form of traffic out there. It is free, targeted at people who want to view your website and [How to] Increase Organic Traffic to Websitelong term in the sense that you can gain consistent amounts of traffic for a long period of time. For this reason, it is extremely important that bloggers are optimising all the articles they have published on their respective websites so that they can gain the most amount of organic traffic. For this reason, here are some helpful ways you can increase the amount of organic traffic that heads towards your website.


Include At Least One Image In Articles

I am still perplexed sometimes why there are still articles on the internet that don’t have any images in them. Images can provide your article a much wider reach because it introduces your article to being searched on image search engines such as Google Image search. An article without images can gain organic traffic from normal search engines. An article with an image can gain organic traffic from normal search engines plus image search engines. I know for a fact that some of the articles on my website gain more traffic from image search engines than normal search engines. Therefore, if you don’t include images in your article, you are seriously restricting the potential traffic you could gained from image search engines.



Add 2-3 Internal Links

Google and other search engines love links. When Google crawls pages, if it identifies that all your articles are internally linked to one another, it will see that each article is healthy SEO-wise and will rank it higher.

As well as this, internal linking is just good in general. It promotes the web user to clicking onto another article of yours: decreasing the bounce rate of your website. As well as this, if you decide to use a program such as Infolinks as a source of income, the CTR will increase if you include internal links within your content too.



Structure Your Articles

An important aspect to the organic health of your website is through how you structure it. I generally find the following tips when making any article helpful when publishing articles online:

  • 300 words is good, but 500 is better. Although people say 300 words is good enough to get good SEO, I prefer to write 500 word articles since they go a little bit more into detail and there is slightly more content for Google to digest.
  • Always add an image.
  • Have suitable headings. If you are not using headings, try to use them!
  • If you do not want to use headings, make sure every opening sentence of every paragraph in your article can sum up the contents of that paragraph.
  • Make sure your opening paragraph is filled with keywords and is a summary of your whole article.

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