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A website that fails to convert targeted audience is as good as nothing. Just ranking high for targeted keywords or driving large number of audience to a website is not going to help a small business owner. He needs more customers and unless and until the website manages to convert more visitors into customers it is a lost cause.

Conversion rate is the corner stone of any marketing campaign. Low conversion rate is a sign that your marketing efforts are falling short of the target. However, strangely increasing conversion rate of a website is not space science. Check out the below tips to skyrocket the conversion rate of your website –

Make It Trust Worthy

Would you mind buying a baby product from a store that does not look trustworthy? We hope the answer is negative. The same goes with website. How on earth you can expect people to trust your website and buy product/ service from it if it does not look trustworthy. You need to make it look like trustworthy by making some minor changes in the design. You should add some testimonials of your clients or maybe you should consider adding some trust signs like – VeriSign and its likes just to win the trust of the audience.

Eliminate Distraction

Your website should not have too many elements as this will make it tough for people to concentrate on the element that matters the most i.e. – Call to Action. The Call to Action can be anything. It can be a simple – Submit Button or a Contact Us button. Or a quick contact form. As the name suggests, it asks for some action from the visitors. This is what acts a catalyst in the revenue generation process. So, the rule of thumb is to remove all kind of meaningless elements around the Call to Action button so that people can locate it easily and take desired action. has removed all distraction from the Call to Action Button which is placed in the Above the fold section of its home page and this is what has helped it convert a large number of visitors into customers.

Redress Fear

Believe it or not, people think twice, maybe thrice before making a purchase online. They can defer the decision at the very last minute. The reason – well we all know, they simply can’t trust a ‘website’. Therefore, you need to assure them every now and then that their money is in safe hand. Maybe you should be featuring a ‘no question asked return policy’ banner on the top of the website. Use some texts to describe how your return policy is hassle free and also mention that your company does not hesitate to return the cash in case of any discrepancies.

Speak English

You should not be using too many jargons in the copy as most people are not familiar with jargons and this might confuse them and a confused customer never buys a product. So, it makes sense that you should be using simple English while describing the product or the service as this will help people come to a conclusion quickly.

Clear USP

It is quite likely that you are selling a product / offering a service which is offered by hundreds of other people. If it is so, why would a customer care about your business? Unless of course you are offering something unique to the customers. This is known as USP [unique selling proposition]. You need to feature this USP on your website prominently so that people can notice it quickly.

Since our designers are well versed with these conversion tricks, they may come up with a design that scores high on the conversion front. Contact us for more info.

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