I will say time and time again that I believe the landing page is one of, if not the, most important aspect of a pay per click advertisingIncrease Conversion Rate Of Click Through Landing Pages campaign for the simple reason because it is the part of the campaign which actually delivers you the results. If you had to pick out something to still get the conversion from any part of a campaign, I am sure most people will pick the landing page. For this reason, it is vital to the campaign’s success that the landing page is well optimised in satisfying the web user’s needs so that they provide conversions. 


Depending on what type of landing page depends how to optimise it to improve its conversion rate. To find out what landing page you can use, have a look at the different types of landing pages out there.

In this article, I am going to be looking at specifically the click through landing page and how you can optimise it. Firstly, I think it is best to go back to basics in order to fully understand how to improve a click through landing page.


Every landing page has the objective of gaining a conversion – what is a conversion? In simple terms, it can be anything but it has to be an action that the web user does which benefits you in some way. For most people, this will be a sale, or signing up to email marketing or something else: depending on the landing page.

As it says in the name, a click through landing page has the sole objective of gaining a click from the web user onto a certain button <- that is the conversion. You may have secondary conversions which could be to get the web user to follow you on social media websites or fill out a form potentially. However, above everything, a click through landing page will primarily want the web user to click on a certain button in order to gain the advertiser a conversion – what happens after that click does not matter to the click through landing page as such since once the click through landing page has got that click, it has theoretically done its job.


For these reasons, here are some ways you can increase the conversion rate of click through landing pages:

  • Optimise the ‘click’ button – The first step is to make sure out of every link on the landing page that the button you want to be clicked is the most likeliest to be clicked. You can do this by increasing the font of the link so the web user reads it first, make it bold, change the colour and place the button in the main centreline area of the landing page.
  • Make the ‘click’ button text a call to action – If you want the web user to click onto your conversion button, you need to tell them to! The best way to do this is through making the button a itself, including text such as ‘Buy Now’, ‘Sign Up Here’ or something else along those lines depending on your campaign.
  • Minimise Content – Considering that all you want the click through landing page to do is direct traffic to another page, you do not need to have tons of content on your click through page (that can be saved for later on once the web user is enticed). Minimise content by sticking to things such as bullet points and large fonts so you do not tempt the web user to exiting the page.

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