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We are now only days away from 2015 which makes it quite an exciting time. The holiday season and optimisation of PPC Improve Your PPC Search Advert For The New Yearcampaigns for Christmas are no longer needed – with the start of a new year presents new challenges to advertisers. The new year brings around a new type of traffic very different to the holiday season. The traffic are now more price sensitive and will require luring in more. For this reason, here are a few ways you can improve your pay per click advertising search advert to make sure you succeed in early 2015.


Include a Call to Action or Two

Usually, the best adverts have one . However, remember that people in January don’t usually have much money to spend. Therefore, you might need to entice the web user more through including one more call to action. This does mean changing the call to action you originally had in your advert. If you decide to include two call to actions in your advert to entice the web user into your advert for the new year:

  • Make sure the call to actions are not near each other as they will not be as effective if they are next to each other.
  • Ideally, you want one in the title and one in the description ranging from 2-4 words each.
  • Make sure the two call to actions are different but have the same objective. By this, if you want the web user to click onto the advert, make sure both call to actions do this but through different means of it.



Adapt Your URL

A common area that doesn’t get optimised enough in PPC is the domain name for a search advert. The great thing about pay per click advertising is that advertisers can change the domain name in the search advert to anything they want. For this reason, change it to something that is going to want to get people to click on your advert:

  • If you want to promote direct traffic (if they choose not to click on the advert), then you can put your URL as the domain name for your advert.
  • If you choose to use your domain name as your URL, make sure to add a ‘/’ to the end of it and put something after it to entice the web users such as ‘sale’, ” and so on.



Long Titles and Short Descriptions Work Well

For the actual structure of the advert, new year campaigns work well by having an extra long title and a shorter description. You see, you have only a certain amount of space in your search advert to display a certain amount of information. For the majority of campaigns, the information will be split between the title relatively evenly. For new year campaigns, you need to make sure the traffic sees your advert ahead of the competition (since competition in January, like Christmas, is generally high). This makes clear that to grab extra attention, take a little bit of the information from the description and implement it into the title since the title will always be read first.

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