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When it comes to online reputation, search results mean everything. Have you ever done any online reputation management for your personal or company name? If you have, then you know the importance of making a first impression and having a clean slate on the first page of results in a search engine.

However, what about before the actual search takes place? Did you know that “Google Suggests” can actually play a big part in the way people search and find information about your company online.

Take a look at the screenshot below. As an example, we headed over to Google and performed a search for “reputation management”. As you can see, Google quickly supplied us with even more options for searching, which may yield even better or more accurate results.

The simple one or two extra words that Google Suggest might throw into any search phrase can drastically change the result of a search, for the better or worse.

Google Suggest Working Against You

While many people will see Google suggest as a useful tool and fun way to bring even more accurate search results, it could also do the opposite and be harmful for your company name or brand. A perfect example of how Google Suggest can work against you, can be seen in the screenshot below.

As many of you already know, Michael Vick is the NFL player who was arrested for illegal dog fighting. Since then he has had a horrible reputation online. In the “BEFORE” picture, Google Suggest was using “negative” related search terms. After working with Reputation Changer, Vick now has social and sports related “Google Suggest” terms appearing in Google results. As you can imagine, it’s much better for Vick’s reputation, for people to see positive related searches versus the original negative suggestions from Google.

What is Google Suggest Saying About You?

If you haven’t already performed a search for what Google Suggest is saying about you, then now is the best time? Even better, have you ever had anyone make a negative review or comment through social media that you just can’t seem to get off the main page? If so, then Reputation Changer can help you with your online reputation and search engine listings. Visit their web site and use coupon code “” to save 10% off any reputation management package.

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