Every so often on PPC.org, I will create a range of articles that can be considered a ‘mini-series’ looking into a specific area of pay per click advertising. One of the mini-Improve ANY Type Of PPC Landing Pageseries I have been doing has been based on the numerous types of landing pages an advertiser of PPC can choose to use as their landing page with ways to improve it too. For this reason, here is a complete look into the mini-series on how to improve any type of landing page so you can make sure it is as optimised to convert as possible.


2 Ways To Improve An Infomercial

An infomercial is a type of landing page which is closely related to a typical TV advert: it has lots of information all on one page. Therefore, your usually objective, in order to achieve a healthy conversion rate, is to get the web user to read as much of the content as possible and reduce any negative first impress ions your infomercial landing page might achieve since many infomercials are associated with spam.



2 Ways To Improve A PPC Homepage

The first point that needs to be made loud and clear is that if you do not have to use your homepage as a landing page, don’t! Most homepages are not optimised for PPC traffic with a vast minority excluded such as Amazon. If you are forced into using your homepage as your PPC landing page, follow the tips in this article to make it as good as it can be for PPC.



2 Ways To Improve A Microsite

A microsite is a standalone website that is not related, but related to some extent, to the main website. It will usually advertise some sort of new product and will be off at a tangent from the main website. If a microsite is done right, it can be very successful.



2 Ways To Improve A Product/Service Page

In essence, a product/service page has many shared attributes with a microsite landing page. However, as it says in the name, the sole point of a product/service page is to advertise/increase brand awareness for a specific product or service only. For this reason, there are a few ways you can easily improve a product/service landing page.



2 Ways To Improve A Click Through Landing Page

If you look at many of the landing pages current advertisers use for their PPC campaigns, you will find many of these campaigns are using click through pages. Why? Because when used correctly, they are effective in keeping the PPC traffic’s attention for longer periods than other forms of landing pages. Remembering what the objective of a click through landing page is, optimising it can be relatively easy



2 Ways To Improve A Lead Capture Landing Page

Similar in popularity to the click through landing page, the lead capture page will feature some sort of form for web users to fill in (since the conversion is the ‘lead’). From knowing what the conversion is, optimising a lead capture page involves ‘sweet talking’ web users into doing something for you.

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